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Sometimes getting the right answer means asking the right question.

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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
Your strong emotions urge decisive, independent action, but advice from other people, and possibily opposing points of view -- either from them or from within yourself -- cause ambivalence and hesitation. Your desires dictate one thing; your responsibility to consider other people's needs and the effect your actions could have on them require something else. Your job now is to reconcile these two elements and settle the indecision (and the impatience!!!) you feel.

We publish writing on astrology, tarot, feng shui, motivation, mysticism, creativity, psychology, self-improvement, holistic health topics, inspiration and occasional humor. For the serious spiritual seeker, we have a Premium Members site where exceptional tarot, astrology, articles, ezines, classes and other new age information is published regularly. We have also recently begun publishing collections of our work for Amazon Kindle.

The wisdom here will help you walk a new path of clarity and strength.

Come in and stay a while!
Let us help you be the best you can be.

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The Auditorium
The Auditorium

Sound Bites and Soul Snacks for the Spiritual Seeker

Featured Auditorium Article:
Happy Birthday, Virgo!!
Stop in and learn about the Virgo character!

From the Auditorium Archives:
Tarot Sound Bites
The New Moon in Leo
Short Subjects -- The Elements
The Astrology Suite
The New Age Audio Blog
The Tarot Suite

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Featured Astrology Article:
Born with the Sun in Virgo
Happy Birthday, Virgo!! You are the birthday child this month.

From the Astrology Archives:
The Virtues and the Downside of Mercury in Leo
The Sun in Virgo
The Virtues and the Downside of Mars in Leo
Venus in Leo
The Virtues and the Downside of Mercury in Virgo
Venus Retrograde in Leo: Relationships
The Virtues and the Downside of Mercury in Libra
Venus Retrograde in Leo: Money

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Astrology Coaching

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Astrology Readings

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Featured Tarot Article:
Healing With The Tarot
I prepared some black candles to release negativity, but I placed a white one, for pure intentions, at the top of the altar. Next to the white candle I stood a picture of my mother, the one that was my favorite. According to the book, I burned some heavy vanilla incense, which helps connect to the spirit of death and rebirth. And finally, I used a large piece of amethyst crystal for spiritual healing.

From the Tarot Archives:
Understanding the Tarot

Tarot Readings
Tarot Readings

Tarot Consultations
Personal Tarot Readings

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Astrology, Tarot, New Age

A wonderland of mysteries and magic,
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to help you make sense of your world.

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Classes at Enchanted Spirit
Classes at Enchanted Spirit

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Featured Classes Article:
Born with the Sun in ...
Sample audio selections of chapters from our latest EBook, Born with the Sun in ... Take a trip through the Sun signs of the Zodiac. Get to know the personalities each describes. In fact, I let the book literally speak for itself.

From the Classes Archives:
Born with the Moon In ...
Born with the Ascendant In ...

In the Spotlight -- Personal Development Self Improvement Self-Help
Self Improvement and Personal Development
For the Astrology Signs

Self Improvement for Aries Self-Improvement for Aries / Setting Goals / Strategies for Success / Taking Risks / Anger / Courage / Leadership / Building Self-Esteem / Building Self-Confidence / Self-Assertion / Improve Life / Motivation / Affirmations / Showing Initiative / Being Authentic / Being Independent / Being a Leader -- Being a Manager / Managing Conflict / Being Honest / Taking Action / Making Decisions / Qualities of Successful People / Overcoming Shyness / Facing Fear / Getting What You Want / Getting Unstuck / Self-Acceptance
Self Improvement for Taurus Self-Improvement for Taurus / The Law of Attraction / Abundance / Prosperity / Gardening / Attracting and Controlling Bugs Naturally / Patios, Outdoor Furniture and Outdoor Living / Growing Herbs / Personal Values / Money Management / Deciding What's Important / Indoor Plants and Gardening / Developing Character Virtues / Flowers and Plants / Making More Money -- Increasing Your Income / Creating Wealth / Attracting Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Wildlife / Trees / Fruits and Vegetables / Container Gardening / Saving Money / Mothers' Day / Gift Giving and Gift Ideas
Self Improvement for Gemini Self-Improvement for Gemini / Safe Driving Tips / ADD -- Attention Deficit Disorder / Writing for Personal Growth / Public Speaking / Better Communication / Collecting Facts -- Handling Knowledge / Keeping Lists / Using Your Mind Effectively / Reading and Writing / Alternative Transportation Choices / Being Smarter -- Working Smarter / Understanding How Your Mind Works / Discovering the Benefits of Variety and Versatility
Self Improvement for Cancer Self-Improvement for Cancer / Working with Emotions / Improving Your Mood and Attitude / Have a Healthier Home / Home Safety and Security / Family Relationships / Home Improvements / Having a More Comfortable Home / Creating Your Ideal Home Environment / Food -- for Mind, Body and Spirit / Mothers / Creating Family Traditions / Working with Memories / Home Decoration and Decor
Self Improvement for Leo Self-Improvement for Leo / Having Fun / Hobbies and Enjoyment / Being Yourself / Pushing the Envelope -- Living on the Edge / Doing What's Right for You / Promoting Yourself and Your Talents / Believing in Yourself / Regaining Your Joy of Living / Courtship and Romance
Self Improvement for Virgo Self-Improvement for Virgo / Leadership at Work / Coping with Your Inner Critic / Doing Work You Love / New Age Lifestyle Choices / Handling Life's Practical Chores / Spiritual Values on the Job / Green Living / Keeping Pets Well, Safe and Happy / Healthy Mind, Healthy Body / Staying Safe -- Protecting Yourself / Conquering Procrastination / Time Management / Doing a Good Job at Work / Healthy Lifestyles / Taking Care of Your Physical Body / Auto Maintenance and Safety / Pets / Issues on the Job / Maintaining a Healthy Work - Life Balance / Getting Work Done / Being a Perfectionist
Self Improvement for Libra Self-Improvement for Libra / Relationships / Coping with Difficult People / Setting Boundaries / Dealing with Infidelity / Manners and Etiquette / The Challenges of Married Life / Coping with In-Laws / Finding the Right Partner / Dealing with Different Perspectives / The Need for Social Connection / Love and Lasting Commitment / Loyalty and Devotion / Courtesy and Manners
Self Improvement for Scorpio Self-Improvement for Scorpio / Making Changes / Trauma and Transition / Coping with Crisis / Dealing with Adversity / Death / Achieving Enlightenment / Coping with Loss / Moving / Rebuilding / Healing from Injury, Grief and Loss / Coping with Burnout / Halloween / Autumn Chores -- Getting Ready for Winter / Sex -- The Ultimate Creative Merger
Self Improvement for Sagittarius Self-Improvement for Sagittarius / Celebrations / Travel / Vacations / Gift-Giving / Holidays / Christmas / Spiritual Wisdom / Writing and Publishing / Philosophy and Religion / Ethics and Personal Beliefs / Questions of Right and Wrong / Living Your Life Purpose / Rules for Living / Life in Winter / Teaching and Learning / Meeting Life's Lessons / Doing Something New and Different / Changing Your Mind and Perspectives / Dealing with Grief and Loss During the Holidays / Learning from Experience / Understanding Foreign Ideas and Foreign Cultures / Thanksgiving
Self Improvement for Capricorn Self-Improvement for Capricorn / Career Development / Self-Control / Finding Your Mission in Life / How to Succeed in Life / Maintaining the Status Quo / Achieving Success / Setting Priorities / Playing Politics in Business and Life / Growing Older, Concerns about Aging / Honoring Traditions / Facing Midlife Crisis Questions / Retirement / Getting Organized / Building Things that Last / Showing Determination / Living Well / Building Lasting Happiness, Safety and Security / Relationships with Professional Colleagues, Clients, Associates
Self Improvement for Aquarius Self-Improvement for Aquarius / Gaining Your Hopes and Dreams / Friendship / Using Your Ingenuity / Living Life Your Way / Acting on Inspiration / SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder / Custom-Designing Your Life / Creating and Living Your Ideal Life / Celebrating Valentine's Day / Building a Better Future / Making a Contribution to Society / Networking
Self Improvement for Pisces Self-Improvement for Pisces / Self-Care / Working with Your Intuition / Music / Spiritual Practices in Daily Life / Creating Art / Emotional Sensitivity / Working with Imagination / Listening to Your Inner Voices / Understanding Yourself / Finding Meaning in Life Experience / Connecting to Your Higher Self / Being an Introvert / Psychology and Human Connections / Coincidence, Accidents, Synchronicity

Featured In the Spotlight Article:
Don't Work for Your Money, Make it Work for You!
Well, the New Year is around the corner and so are New Year's Resolutions! It's such a great time of year to consider what the past year has brought us and what we want to create in the coming year.

To help you get started thinking about the coming year, we are publishing a series of articles on top wealth creating habits. This series of articles will feature simple and practical ways that you can begin easily creating wealth in your life, no matter what your current situation. Ready? Let's dive in!

Real Stories, Real Lives
Real Stories, Real Lives

Featured Real Life Lines Article:
Holiday Mindfulness -- Finding Joy in Jingle Bell Schlock
We've all got our favorite holiday annoyances. Maybe it's your Aunt Mary's Christmas sweaters. Perhaps it's your parents' tattered aluminum tree. It could be your neighbor's inflatable Homer Simpson in a Santa suit in plain view from your living room window.

From the Real Life Lines Archives:
Mindfulness and Stress - Unwrapping Your Package

Answers ... PDQ

Catweasel's Corner -- Humour from the Clown Prince
The Lighter Side of Catweasel
Enchanted Spirit's Webmaster and Clown Prince

Featured Catweasel's Corner Article:
New Words
The Washington Post asked readers to create a new word by dropping the first letter of an existing word. Here are some of the winning entries.

Inspirational Ideals
Inspirational Ideals
Stories and Parables to Warm Your Heart

Featured Inspirational Ideals Article:
Safety Net
I was working in the garden and kept hearing strange sounds. I looked to see if neighbors were watering their yards or spreading gravel, but I couldn't find where the sound was coming from or what it was. After a while, I noticed a large group of bees swarming my spruce tree.

Magical Mysteries
Magical Mysteries
Where Real Life and Real Miracles Mingle

Featured Magical Mysteries Article:
Does My Spirit Guide Have a Name?
Want some super simple rules of the road for identifying your spirit guide? Let's look at some simple Q and A that many people ask about naming their guides, and the some of the spiritual silliness that you really MUST avoid if you are serious about getting genuine help from above.

From the Magical Mysteries Archives:
Journey With Spirit
You Can Call Me Al

Feng Shui
Feng Shui

Arrange Your World ... and Rearrange Your Life

Featured Feng Shui Article:
Feng Shui Bedroom Tips
You may have spent generous amounts of time and money decorating the "public" spaces in your home. Living rooms, great rooms, kitchens and powder rooms are often considered top priorities because these are the spaces most commonly inhabited by guests. However, it is even more important to consider the design and decor of your bedroom.

Numerology ... Another Path to Self-Understanding

Alternative Health Hints
Alternative Health

Taking Your Physical Well-Being into Your Own Hands
Page 1Page 2Page 3


Diet and Weight Control

Exercise and Fitness

Flower Essences


Living Well ... Naturally

Pet Parlor

Sleep and Stress


Vitamins and Nutrition

Featured Alternative Health Hints Article:
Eat Healthy by Eating Rainbows
One of my patients recently made dramatic progress in losing weight by following some very simple steps. Since I last saw him six months ago, he significantly improved his diet and started exercising to lose 30 pounds. His cholesterol dropped 45 points and his triglycerides dropped 100 points.

Self Help -- The Inner Sanctum

Featured Inner Sanctum Article:
Do You Know Your Spirit Guides?
We are all born with psychic ability, some you may be aware of; others waiting to be developed. Through our own exploration of these powers we are able to achieve multidimensional living. Connecting with your spirit guide evokes a path to fusing your mind, body and spirit

Family Matters
Family Matters

Featured Family Matters Article:
When Hurt People Hurt People
There's hardly a more relevant truth in the relational life: hurt people hurt people. The stinging barbs that are deployed with ferociousness, land without warning in the flesh of the unknowing.

From the Family Matters Archives:
The Wrong Kind of Love

WoW! Words of Wisdom

Featured Words of Wisdom Article:
The Power of Gratitude
This is the time of year when we give thanks. It's the time when we look around our lives and feel grateful for all that we have. Our families, friends, and all of the love in our lives. We are grateful for the work that we do. We look to see the silver lining in all of our difficult situations, and feel grateful for the opportunity to learn so much from. Did you notice how abundant you felt when you were standing the in place of all of that gratitude?

From the Words of Wisdom Archives:
Make Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions Inevitable
Turn Holiday Stress Into Good Cheer

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Rebecca Brents

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Nancy R. Fenn

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Seers and Sages

Nancy R. Fenn

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Associated Links
Associated Links

Drinking makes such fools of people, and people are such fools to begin with that it's compounding a felony.
~ Robert Benchley ~
Born September 15, 1889

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