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Speaking of Astrology
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Books & CDs by Enchanted Spirit:
Speaking of Astrology
Speaking of Astrology
Rebecca Brents

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With Real Astrology as your compass, you can recognize what's right for you, work with your natural gifts and rhythms, understand the dynamics of your relationships, and take your place more easily in Life's natural flow.

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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
You have big plans ... but no initiative to act on them. You feel lazy, self-indulgent, and want to delegate the physical work to other people. You dream of lots of achievement, lots of credit, lots of applause ... without having to actually do anything to get it.

Thought for the Moment
Coming Soon

Astrology for Real Life

Real Astrology by a Real Astrologer

Astrology at Enchanted Spirit offers real astrology by a real astrologer ... Astrology for real life ... astrology readings and informative astrology articles. Our Premium Membership section includes beginning astrology classes, free astrology lectures and classes, astrology classes on CD, yearly astrology forecasts, information on present planet positions and their meaning for your life, and expertly written reference material for the serious astrology student.

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What's New Today on the Astrology Site?

Real Astrology by a Real Astrologer

Learn More About the Capricorn Personality

The Aquarius Character

The Sun in Aquarius


Astrology Readings Select and Order an Astrology Reading

Character - Aquarius
Happy Birthday Aquarius!! Aquarius - January 20, 2015 through February 18, 2015
Annual Forecast for Aquarius

Below are the previous Happy Birthday articles:

Real Astrology by a Real Astrologer

Aries CharacterAries Character Taurus CharacterTaurus Character Gemini CharacterGemini Character
Cancer CharacterCancer Character Leo CharacterLeo Character Virgo CharacterVirgo Character
Libra CharacterLibra Character Scorpio CharacterScorpio Character Sagittarius CharacterSagittarius Character
Capricorn CharacterCapricorn Character Aquarius CharacterAquarius Character Pisces CharacterPisces Character

Astrology Planets
Planetary Energies Planetary Energies
A Universal Cosmic Language
Astrology speaks the Language of Life

Astrology Today

Real Astrology by a Real Astrologer

Click on the following links to see where the planets are presently
and what this means to you.

Sun in AquariusSun in Aquarius Moon in TaurusMoon in Taurus Mercury in AquariusMercury in Aquarius
Venus in PiscesVenus in Pisces Mars in PiscesMars in Pisces Jupiter in LeoJupiter in Leo
Saturn in SagittariusSaturn in Sagittarius Uranus in AriesUranus in Aries Neptune in PiscesNeptune in Pisces
Pluto in CapricornPluto in Capricorn

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Now Starring

Now Starring ... On the Celestial Stage

Real Astrology by a Real Astrologer

Celestial Circles ...
Where are the Cosmic Citizens in the sky right now ...
and what does this mean to you?

Consider This Aspect ...
What challenges and opportunities does Astrology predict
for the immediate future ... and what does this mean to you?
Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Exceptional Events
What unusual Astrology patterns are happening now
... and what does this mean to you?


Planets in Retrograde
Planets in Retrograde Planets in Retrograde
Astrology in Reverse
Mercury Retrograde Mercury Rx
Rethinking Your Present Direction
January 21, 2015 through February 11, 2015
17° Aquarius to 1° Aquarius
Jupiter Retrograde Jupiter Rx
Expanding Your Latest Creation
December 8, 2014 through April 8, 2015
23° Leo to 13° Leo

What's Your Sign Astrology Signs
Elemental Energy
The Zodiac Signs
Where It All Begins

The Elements in Astrology
Fire, Earth, Air and Water
The Building Blocks of the Physical World
Four Views of What's Important in Life

The Qualities in Astrology
Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable
The Strategies and Tactics of the Zodiac Signs
Three Ways to Tackle the Issues and Challenges of Life

The Solarium Sun Sign Astrology
All About the Sun in Astrology
Describing the Twelve Colors of Light

The Sun in Astrology
Astrology Articles about The Sun

Sheer Lunacy Astrology Character
New Moon in Aquarius

January 20 through February 18, 2015
Forecast for the Lunar Month

Moon Astrology
All About the Moon in Astrology
A Landscape of Moods and Mystery

The Moon in Astrology
General Articles on
The Moon in Astrology

More Articles on the Moon in Astrology
The Practical Use of Moon Energy in Life

Moon Astrology Articles
Articles on the Moon in Astrology
by the Staff Writers at Enchanted Spirit

Moon Sign Astrology
The Moon in Astrology Signs
The Moon's Many Moods
Through All the Zodiac Signs

The New Moon in Astrology
The New Moon's Journey
Through All the Zodiac Signs

The Full Moon in Astrology
The Monthly Invitation
To Rebalance Our Lives

Astrology Moon Sign Articles
Learn About the Importance of
Your Moon Sign in
Describing Your Character

Void of Course Moon Articles
When Life's Forward Motion
Takes a Time-Out

Moon Phases
The Changing Face and Phases
Of the Moon

Racing with the Moon
Our Moon Phases Astrology Class
Now Available as an EBook

Daily Forecast
Daily Forecast

Where is the Moon Today?
And What is the Mood of the World?

Instant Messenger Mercury Sign Astrology
All About Mercury
Where Everything is Just a State of Mind
Mercury Through All the Zodiac Signs

Mercury in Astrology Articles
Deciphering the Messages of the Mind

Mercury Retrograde Articles
When the Celestial Messenger Backs Up
And Tries Again

For Love or Money Venus Sign Astrology
All About Venus in Astrology
Your Treasure Chest of Values
Venus Through All the Zodiac Signs

Venus in Astrology Articles
Showcasing the
Goddess of Love and Money

Martian Chronicles Mars Sign Astrology
All About Mars
Where Actions Speak Louder than Words
Mars Through All the Zodiac Signs

Mars in Astrology Articles
Describing the Zodiac's Warrior
The Principle of Action, Initiative
Aggression and Self-Defense

By Jupiter Jupiter Astrology
All About Jupiter in Astrology
Philosophy, Prosperity, and Potential

Mighty Saturn Saturn Astrology
All About Saturn in Astrology
Where Discipline, Organization, and
Hard Work are the Cardinal Rules

Up Uranus Uranus Astrology
All About Uranus in Astrology
Expect the Unexpected

Poseidon Adventure Neptune Astrology
All About Neptune in Astrology
The Realm of Dreams, Fantasy
and Misty Memories

Welcome to Hades Pluto Astrology
All About Pluto in Astrology
Enter at Your Own Risk


Astrology for Real Life

Astrology for Real Life
The Step by Step Archives

All About the Astrology Signs

All About the Astrology Signs

All About Aries Aries Astrology
All About Aries
All About Taurus Taurus Astrology
All About Taurus
All About Gemini Gemini Astrology
All About Gemini
All About Cancer Cancer Astrology
All About Cancer
All About Leo Leo Astrology
All About Leo
All About Virgo Virgo Astrology
All About Virgo
All About Libra Libra Astrology
All About Libra
All About Scorpio Scorpio Astrology
All About Scorpio
All About Sagittarius Sagittarius Astrology
All About Sagittarius
All About Capricorn Capricorn Astrology
All About Capricorn
All About Aquarius Aquarius Astrology
All About Aquarius
All About Pisces Pisces Astrology
All About Pisces

Sun, Moon, Ascendant

Your Astrology Triad

Ascendant Sign

Your Public Personality -- How the World Sees You

Moon Sign

Your Emotional Personality and Inner World

Sun Sign

Your Personal Identity -- The Essence of YOU!

These articles describe your character as shown by the three primary placements in your natal chart. Your Ascendant Sign describes the personality you show to the world at large, your Moon Sign describes your inner, emotional personality and your Sun Sign describes your personal identity and ambitions.

Astrology in a Nutshell

Astrology in a Nutshell
A sketchbook of the personal planets


Astrology Compatibility

Astrology Compatibility
You and Your Relationships:

Aries CompatibilityAries Compatibility Taurus CompatibilityTaurus Compatibility
Gemini CompatibilityGemini Compatibility Cancer CompatibilityCancer Compatibility
Leo CompatibilityLeo Compatibility Virgo CompatibilityVirgo Compatibility
Leo CompatibilityLibra Compatibility Capricorn CompatibilityCapricorn Compatibility
Aquarius CompatibilityAquarius Compatibility Pisces CompatibilityPisces Compatibility

Astrology and Karma

Astrology and Karma
Who Were You in a Past Life?

Scorpio KarmaScorpio Karma
Pisces KarmaSagittarius Karma Capricorn KarmaCapricorn Karma
Aquarius KarmaAquarius Karma Pisces KarmaPisces Karma

Astrology Articles

Astrology Articles
For the Serious Student

Astrology Definitions

General Astrology Articles

Planets and the Signs They Rule

Planets in Signs

Planets in Retrograde

What Does It Mean to be "Born on the Cusp?"

In Their Own Words ...
The Zodiac Signs Talk About Life

Astrology and Children



Open Seating

Open Seating



Astrology Archives at Enchanted Spirit

Enchanted Spirit presents Astrology Archives, contents of our Premium Membership Astrology Ezines, Astrology predictions previously available to our Premium Membership, examples of the Astrology forecasts and other work available to the Premium Membership of this site. At Enchanted Spirit, we feature Astrology readings that make sense, Astrology readings you can use, Astrology readings for Real Life.

Ingress Archives

Step by Step
Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6



Any idiot can face a crisis -- it's day to day living that wears you out.
~ Anton Chekhov ~
Born January 29, 1860

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