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The Grand Air Trine
Astrology for Real Life
Venus in Libra Trine Uranus in Aquarius Trine Saturn in Gemini
by Rebecca Brents

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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
A gentle, companionable energy ushers in the segment of time when our interests in partnerships, other people, other perspectives, and teamwork projects claim our attention. The general emphasis for everyone now is on diplomacy, cooperation, collaboration, and alliances.

Thought for the Moment
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The Grand Air Trine
Astrology for Real Life
Venus in Libra Trine Uranus in Aquarius Trine Saturn in Gemini
by Rebecca Brents

We get to talk about a very pleasant energy today ... in the midst of all the oppositions and other conflicts that have littered the astrological scene lately. There has been a very close and beneficial Grand Trine form in The Air Signs in the last couple of days, which certainly augurs welcome news -- especially for those with placements around 25 - 29 degrees of any sign.

The Air signs are intellectual, mental, cerebral, clever, verbally and visually creative. Poetically speaking, logical lightning is about to strike!! (You can almost smell the negative ions in the air already!!) And the boost this could bring to your relationships, partnerships, alliances, and financial life could be very appreciated indeed!!

Venus, the symbol for relationships and money, at home now in one of the two signs she rules ... oh-so-sociable and cooperative Libra ... has arrived like Lady Bountiful to help the ongoing trine between Saturn and Uranus spread the benefits they're concocting out into the world for us to enjoy.

Venus in Libra indicates an influx of money and allies to support the work underway and offers a channel back to strengthen necessary physical structures and blossoming mental ingenuity ... which will almost certainly bring forth even more returns involving partnerships, money, and future cooperative ventures.

Saturn in Gemini works with structuring and organizing ideas and information. It catalogues and refines concepts into practical applications, and puts those concepts into words that are understandable and concise. Although not terribly at home in a sign that deals with so much superficiality and minutiae, Saturn can take a notion here, a bit of trivia there, a piece of knowledge contained in a long-ago memory ... and create a new design to fill a need in present day time.

It is marvelous at insisting that abstract knowledge have utilitarian value ... but while it requires order and regulation, it also is able to keep track of things that "don't fit" yet ... knowing that someday, they almost certainly will. 'Til then ... they're stored in memory ... awaiting retrieval.

Uranus in its home sign of Aquarius, on the other hand, is the maverick genius of the Zodiac ... able to fire out revolutionary inspirations ninety to the dozen. Frankly, it could use a little order -- and d iscipline, much as it publicly hates the very thought!! Remember the crazy scientist in "Back to the Future" with the theories and methods of time travel ... the guy normal people would dismiss as a crackpot ... except that his schemes worked?!!! Well, make him a little more outlandish, futuristic, and wild-eyed ... and you've got the personification of Uranus in Aquarius.

Yep, that's the energy we're working with now. Ideas firing out faster than we can put them to work, information that can shove humankind forward at the speed of light for the next hundred years ... and the need for a zillion tireless architects to manage the avalanche. That's what's happening in the background of our lives right now ... which many of us haven't yet noticed. But we will. Saturn will retrograde soon ... and around December of this year and during much of next year, we'll see this wonderful tango come out onstage where we can all join in ... in our fashions.

Keep this description I've just handed you in mind. It's the foundation of a multi-act drama that will be unfolding in all our lives over the next year ... with added complications when the action moves into the water signs of Pisces and Cancer in 2003 and 2004. (See? We've got a long way to go on this leg of life's trip.)

Venus is the first of a parade of characters about to transit Libra and lend their special talents, contributions, and flavors to what's happening between Saturn and Uranus. The Sun and Mercury (once it finally gets out of Retrograde) ... follow next month and Mars finally gets through around Thanksgiving. (Take a look at the graphic and see what I mean!)

But ... right now, when Venus is trine to Saturn the conduct of relationships and the use of money and materials receives an extraordinary influx of order, organization, practicality, and common sense. Those for whom art and creative efforts need structure and utility will benefit greatly with this energy as part of their labors ... and those who could use a little restraint and discipline will experience the improvements that come with gently enforced regulation.

Musicians, structural engineers, mechanical and interior designers, architects, artists who produce work that is both functional and beautiful, architects, mathematicians, and writers whose texts need to inform as well as entertain all find welcome inspiration in the executive power of this energy and its value of purpose and control. This energy emphasizes results that are realistic, reasonable, sensible, pragmatic, and efficient ... as well as harmonious, durable, cooperative, efficient, economical, and beautiful. It's a marvelous combination!!

Relationship assets and actual cash money are put into sound investments that can yield benefits and dividends on many levels, including durability, patience, long-term gains, stability, and safety for the future. It may not be the most romantic or responsive way to employ the delights of Venus and her interests ... but it's not the worst thing you can do with the resources, by any means.

When Venus is trine to Uranus the fun-loving side of life and love are accented. The air ... and the personalities out and about in the world ... are full of surprises, with optimism to burn. This is a spontaneous, eager, unpredictable energy that loves to experiment, seeks novelty and adventure, loves ingenious ideas -- and can generate plenty of them to play with.

A desire to break with tradition and regimentation and "test the limits" prevails -- but with enough reason and sanity to keep things from getting out of hand. Let's face it, sometimes Uranus is downright terrifying in its willingness to break the rules and its refusal to rein in its own defiance. Rebelliousness is one thing ... but radical insanity is no fun for anyone if all hell breaks loose.

This energy supports excitement in love and relationships, but the emphasis is on intensity rather than stability. Things like permanence and commitment have to come from elsewhere -- because this is a combination that favors change, novelty, experimentation, and "the unexpected." "Unusual friendships" are yet another hallmark of the time this energy is available. So are short-lived social contacts.

Good fortune ... especially in financial matters ... also goes with this aspect, as if "attracting money" is a natural talent you suddenly discover, use, and get to claim for your own. Sudden financial windfalls are possible -- and if that happens to you, you probably won't complain that it was ... a surprise.

Overall, this is a joyous, happy, idealistic, and progressive set of attitudes -- and experiences, the kind that add special zest to life and make you glad to be part of this world. It can lighten some mighty gloomy moments with the ability to find humor in almost anything ... and the silver lining in the storm cloud. It's easy to fall in love with this energy. (I mean that literally!!) But remember what I said about permanence. If it doesn't stay fresh, it doesn't last long.

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