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Mars and Sex: The Secrets of Sexual Astrology
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Venus in Sagittarius
Love With a Philosophical Soulmate
by Rebecca Brents

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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
You feel restless, irritable and ready for a lot more freedom. But family connections, responsibilities at home and your desire for the security of well-known surroundings keep you from throwing caution to the wind ... even though they are part of the reason you feel so tied down and fenced in.

Venus    VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS    Sagittarius
Love With a Philosophical Soulmate

This feature is temporarily unavailable.

Venus in Sagittarius represents an important segment of development in the overall creative process of life and is part of the larger Venus cycle of conducting relationships and managing finances.

There is extensive information on the meaning of Venus in Sagittarius in our Premium Members section of the Enchanted Spirit site, including what this placement means for each astrological sign.

Astrology at Enchanted Spirit offers astrology for real life, astrology for enlightenment -- not entertainment. This is astrology you can use ... to understand your life and your role in it more completely.

The information available on Venus in Sagittarius, including how this energy affects your astrology sign ... and your life -- as shown by your individual astrological Natal Chart ... describes the way you deal with your religious beliefs, your advanced education -- either through the practical experience of living or in academic studies, your assimilation of "foreign concepts" as you learn how other people and other cultures live, your involvement with social welfare issues, and the way you set an example for others to follow with your "philosophy of life."

The information available on Venus in Sagittarius also describes the way you work with your "rules for living" during the time this placement is in effect, and how choices you could make to be more compatible with the energy of Venus in Sagittarius can help you work with the flow of your life and not against it.

Venus in Sagittarius brings a wonderful boost of affection and alliance to some astrological signs ... and represents frustration and irritability for others. A subscription to our Premium Members site can help you learn how to use the energy of Venus in Sagittarius to best advantage, whether it is a natural help for your astrological sign ... or a problem for you to cope with.

Our Premium Members site offers information on Venus in every astrological sign, including Venus in Sagittarius. Astrology for real life can help you work with your opportunities more effectively and handle your challenges with greater confidence and wisdom. Astrology at Enchanted Spirit provides astrology that can help you make sense of your experiences ... and your world.

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Rebecca BrentsRebecca Brents writes on a wide variety of spiritual and new age subjects, including astrology, tarot, feng shui, alternative health, metaphysics, and self-improvement. She publishes an extensive array of information on her website, Enchanted Spirit, and offers numerous new age online lectures and new age classes in these various fields.

She publishes detailed accurate astrology predictions, readings and forecasts in Ezines for Premium Members. She also provides astrology readings, tarot readings, and personal consultations through The Enchanted Spirit Metaphysical Source Shop. Stop by and subscribe to her free new age ezine, New Age-New Horizons. See her books and classes at Catweasel Ink Publishing.

An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.
~ Nicholas Butler ~
President Columbia University, Nobel Prize winner, peace activist
Born April 2, 1962

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Born with the Sun in Pisces
Happy Birthday, Pisces!! You are the birthday child this month.

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