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Conjunctions of the Sun
When the Essential Self Merges with Another Inner Self

by Rebecca Brents


When the Sun and another Inner Self join forces

Conjunctions involving the Sun merge the Sun's symbolism of self-image, creative effort, personal pride and initiative with whatever the other planet (or planets) symbolize. These two are then joined together as a unit.

They function as a team or a partnership -- or like a pair of Siamese twins. Whatever affects one necessarily affects the other, and whatever one does, inevitably involves the other. You no longer look at or consider them separately.

Traditional astrology taught that conjunctions between the Sun and certain planets called "the malefics" (Mars, Saturn, Pluto ... and sometimes Uranus and Neptune) were problematic and unfortunate. However, I believe that all conjunctions with the Sun are beneficial.

I'll even say I think all conjunctions period are beneficial. They add power, dimension, and complexity to the planetary blend. They truly make life and the personality of the soul who owns one of them interesting. He is no longer simply a citizen of his Sun Sign like everyone born in this slice of the calendar. The alliance brings his character more depth and complexity ... and their results reach farther than the work of his unaffiliated star siblings.

When well aspected, the Sun in any sign is ambitious, confident, dignified, generous, and vital. When it forms a conjunction with another planet, that planet gains these qualities from the association ... and lends its own character and strengths to the fusion of energy.

When that planet is the Moon, the Sun / Moon pair gains sensitivity, responsiveness and strong intuition. When that planet is Mercury, the Sun / Mercury pair gains curiosity, keen intellect and good powers of logic and perception. When that planet is Venus, the Sun / Venus pair gains social skills, financial acumen and a respect for balance, aesthetics and comfort.

When that planet is Mars, the Sun / Mars pair gains confidence, assertiveness and initiative. When that planet is Jupiter, the Sun / Jupiter pair gains optimism, generosity and a respect for higher learning and cultural diversity. When that planet is Saturn, the Sun / Saturn pair gains organization, resolve and self-discipline.

When that planet is Uranus, the Sun / Uranus pair gains originality, progressive insight and a willingness to experiment with new tactics and experiences. When that planet is Neptune, the Sun / Neptune pair gains spiritual depth, a capacity for transcendent understanding and a mystical perspective on life's experience. When that planet is Pluto, the Sun / Pluto pair gains implacable resolve, a penetrating objectivity and the ability to transform its surroundings into markedly improved conditions.


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