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The Sun
Ruler of Leo
Symbol of Your Essential Self

by Rebecca Brents


The Sun, without which life on Earth could not exist as we know it, is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes an individual's basic personality, the underlying canvas upon which all the other colors and elements of his character are co-mingled and combined. The Sun and its meaning are the centerpiece in the structure of Astrology.

Along with the Moon and the Ascendant (or Rising Sign -- the sign of the Zodiac literally rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth) the Sun is one of the three most significant components in a horoscope, and arguably the most important.

Its position in the Zodiac when you were born determines your "Sun Sign" in Astrology ... and this is what people mean when they say someone is an Aries or an Aquarius or a Scorpio. This placement in Astrology, by sign and house, describes the qualities of your basic ego, your individual self-expression, your personal identity. This is what I identify as the core personality, and I call it the "essential self."

It represents:

  • The inner self
  • Your inherent sense of purpose, destiny or importance in life
  • Ego, drive, willpower, ambition
  • Your individual self-expression
  • Your sense of personal identity
  • What you strive to be
  • How you seek to gain attention

When it is comfortable and expressing positively, Sun energy is ambitious, self-confident, generous, determined, proud, vital, playful, powerful, authentic and charismatic -- within the characteristics and qualities of its sign energy.

When it is uncomfortable and expressing under stress, Sun energy is arrogant, conceited, self-absorbed, dictatorial, haughty, disdainful, overbearing, pompous, tyrannical and vain -- again within the characteristics and qualities of its sign energy.


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Last updated January 2nd, 2017

The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
Conservative ambitions may conflict with partners' plans. Some shared venture seems beyond the reach of available assets. The temptation to overspend ... or over-commit ... makes you uncomfortable. You feel you must maintain control, but that attitude doesn't make you popular.

The Next Lunar Aspect Will Be:
The Moon in Aquarius Sextile Venus in Aries on Fri 24th of Feb 2017 at 8:41 am MST

The Moon Is Void of Course:
until it enters Aquarius on Thu 23rd of Feb 2017 at 10:18 am MST

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