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Racing with the Moon
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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
You're in the mood for something different, something wild and crazy, something you've never done before -- and life is ready to hand you many options to consider. So ... what's your pleasure?

Presentations on
The Elements in Astrology

So ... What Does "Compatible" Mean to YOU?
Getting Along with the Zodiac Signs

Every astrologer hears the question: What signs am I compatible with? The person asking wants a list of three or four answers they can count on ... often to solve problems much larger than just a cluster of incompatible associates.

Some of the misapplications of astrology suggest there are such lists ... and easy answers. There aren't. In astrology, as in life, broad categories and generalizations ... may not be worth much. Also, a lot depends on what you want ... what "compatible" means to you

So What Does "Compatible" Mean to You?
Getting Along with the Zodiac Signs

Signs Of The Zodiac
The Building Blocks of Character

Life is about energy. Everything ... living or not, material or not ... contains energy. You, as a living human being, are certainly a complex cluster of energy. Everything you know and can possibly comprehend also contains its own special kind of energy ... including the rocks you walk on and the thoughts that pass in and out of your mind.

Astrology is about energy, too, and the metaphors that describe various clusters and constellations of energy. These are divided into the signs of the Zodiac -- there are twelve of them -- and beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces they describe the various steps in the evolution of the creative process. These metaphors are also contained in the meanings ascribed to the 8 planets plus the Sun and the Moon which astrologers use to describe the different facets of a person's character.

Signs Of The Zodiac
The Building Blocks of Character

It's Elementary

The personalities of the Fire Signs -- Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius -- are indeed like the nature of fire itself. Dramatic, heated, passionate. Intense, active, vital, full of energy ... and quick-moving. Always on the go. They can be as colorful and spectacular as fireworks -- and burn out just as fast. In a temper, they can be as destructive as a wildfire.

It's Elementary
Sketching the Elements in Astrology
Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Different Strokes for Different Folks

"Different strokes for different folks" became a cliché catch-phrase back in the late '60's and '70's. Yes, there was a kernel of truth in it ... and maybe it was supposed to be tolerant and light-hearted. But for some reason it always rubbed me wrong, as if the often serious differences between people (and there were a bunch of painful examples in those days) could be solved with a silly sentence, tossed off by someone as he headed off in another direction.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

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Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.
~ Neil Armstrong ~
Born August 5, 1930

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Happy Birthday, Cancer!!
Stop in and learn about the Cancer character!

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The Astrology Suite
Short Subjects -- The Elements
Tarot Sound Bites
The New Moon in Cancer
The New Age Audio Blog

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