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Your Astrological Update for July 25, 2016
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Aries Moonglow

Where is the Moon today?

The Moon has moved into Aries. It will travel there until 9:45 AM (MT) Wednesday morning when it crosses into Taurus. When the Moon is in Aries, the emotional climate is forthright and ambitious, but if things don't move fast enough to suit you, it can turn impatient and pushy. It's a day to make things happen ... and to go for what's important to you. No sense in wasting daylight.

Aries Moonlight

Is your Natal Moon in Aries?

The Moon in the sky passes through Aries every month and stays for about 2 1/2 days each time.

When the day's Moon is in Aries, the emotional climate is decisive and insistent. Whatever you're into, you feel strongly about it -- even if you just want peace and quiet ... and some space to be alone.

So what does this dynamic combination of Lunar energy and Aries candor mean if you find it in a Natal chart ... if you were born with a Natal Moon in Aries?

People who arrive with a Natal Aries Moon are creatures of fierce passions and strong desires. Their feelings are intense and immediate -- and they're not shy about letting them show.

If you're not also a member of this tribe, you may need your own healthy ego and strong defenses to deal with them, especially when they're fired up about something and on a tear that looks more like a tantrum to more placid people.

In fact, a short-fuse and the constant chance of sudden fireworks is a notorious feature of Aries Moon people. You either learn to live with it, or you learn to run for cover. Possibly both.


Sunrise Services

Everyday Astrology


The Moon continues its trek through Aries all day, giving passion and drive to the general mood ... and energy for whatever you need to get done. This won't last beyond today, so use it while you can.

Early-to-mid-morning, there could be problems between what you want to do ... and doing what's expected of you. Maybe it's resentment for what's on your schedule, or a dust-up between you and someone else -- someone you ostensibly work for. Or, it could just be a quarrel about priorities within yourself. (The members of your Inner Family ... they have problems -- and personalities -- too.)

But by mid-day -- and after lunch, life hits a smooth and level road clear to night's horizon. Cooperation is good. Something fine comes from your efforts. Ideas flow like water -- and line up with your desires. All systems are "go" -- in a wonderful display of mastery and confidence.

Late, late tonight a special creative mood arrives, but you may need to wait 'til tomorrow to make use of it.

Tomorrow though, this attitude shifts dramatically as the Moon moves into Taurus (at 9:45 AM MT) -- and the focus of this power goes from initiating stuff to sustaining and nourishing what you've begun.

Give yourself something to work with. Otherwise, you're apt to just sit in the shade and watch the world go by -- which doesn't sound like a bad choice, honestly! Make of it what you will!

Today's Birthday Child

The Leo Sun Signs Talk About Life

Great Minds Talk About Life

Today's Leo Theme: Dignity

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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
Passion and impulsiveness are both in high gear. Risks of all kinds are inviting. You may do something that lands you in a peck of trouble -- or pays off big time. You'll just have to take a shot ... and see what happens.