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Your Astrological Update for July 30, 2016
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Gemini / Cancer Moonglow

Where is the Moon today?

The Moon is in Gemini most of the day. It moves into Cancer in the mid-afternoon -- around 3:15 PM (MT). With the Moon in Gemini, the day's mood is changeable and curious. You may have to multi-task a lot ... and find your attention pulled in several directions at once.

You're interested in diversity, open to exploring new things and apt to move around -- physically and mentally. It's a day to skim the surface, act quickly -- and realize that concentration may be ... well, challenged.

Once the Moon changes signs, a calmer attitude of domesticity settles in. Your intuition begins to dominate over logic and intellectual drive. Your emotions are sharper -- or a little more on edge, depending on how comfortable you are with such things ... and with what's going on around you.

Mostly, you want to withdraw into the peace and quiet of your inner self -- and your physical home -- and just be there undisturbed for a while. Sometimes, Life allows this. Other times not so much. Fortunately, today is one of those days ... and a Saturday besides. Consider it a gift, after a very tumultuous week.

The Moon is void-of-course in Gemini from quarter to 6 this morning (MT) until it finally crosses Cancer's border. Try to stay out of trouble until Life finds its footing again.

Cancer Moonlight

Is your Natal Moon in Cancer?

With today's Moon in Cancer, the emotional climate is reclusive and cautious. Mostly, you'll feel like staying home, reconnecting with family members or your own inner self ... and generally taking care of issues in your private life. Too much contact with the outside world doesn't appeal much at all.

So, what does this consistent combination of Lunar energy and reserved Cancer attitudes mean if you find it in a Natal Chart .... if you were born with a Natal Moon in Cancer?

If you have a Natal Moon in Cancer, you "pick up on" moods, feelings and motives with remarkable accuracy.

You understand what's going on in the emotional climate around you without any need for explanation. Your Sixth Sense -- your psychic sense -- is a reliable channel of information and you trust it as much as you do any of the other five.

Empathy is one of your strongest qualities and with it, you can decipher the complicated emotional currents in almost any situation virtually from birth. You began using these abilities in infancy and early childhood and carried them forward into the grown-up world of adult power and adult problems ... where now they really get a workout.

Cancers literally have the gift of Mother's Intuition working with them and for them, 24 / 7. If you ever needed proof that we are all connected and no one's secrets can stay safe for long ... just watch one of them in action. You'll see exactly what I mean. If you are one of the special souls born with a Moon in Cancer, none of this comes as news.


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The Moon spends a long time void-of-course in Gemini today. From around 6 in the morning until after 3 this afternoon. This can leave your mind antsy and yet at loose ends ... or free to wander and play with what-ifs and new ideas. This can make the time fun and productive ... as long as you realize it's just an experiment -- or something to amuse yourself.

If you start something new, you'll either scrap it later tonight ... or come at it from a different angle with different emphasis once the Moon connects in Cancer. Any work you invest may find a new home in this new form, but it's just as likely to be a waste of time and effort. Realize this as one of the rules from the start and you'll save yourself some grief.

Once the Moon does make it into Cancer, your mind's sharp edge reconnects ... now with great intuition as a feature. As a play-day Saturday goes, it's not a bad arrangement. What you get done tonight will please you more than anything that goes on earlier. Even if it's nothing more elaborate than putting together a decent supper, turning on Netflix ... and zoning out 'til tomorrow.

Signs of the Times

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Solar Flares

The symbol for Leo is the Lion.

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