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Your Astrological Update for July 26, 2016
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Taurus Moonglow

Where is the Moon today?

The day begins with the Moon void-of-course in Aries. It crosses into Taurus around 9:45 AM (MT) Tuesday morning. With the Moon in Taurus, the day's mood is practical, hedonistic and level-headed. You are interested in comfort and easy livin'. You want to keep life on an even keel -- and are in no mood for surprises.

Taurus Moonlight

Is your Natal Moon in Taurus?

With today's Moon in Taurus, the emotional climate is measured and steady. You're in no mood for quick changes, fast moves or any kind of crisis. Anyone who comes up on your blind side is apt to get smacked down hard enough to stay there a while.

You're not looking for a fight; it's just a reflex. So what does this practical, stay-the-course combination of Lunar energy and Taurus determination mean if you find it in a Natal Chart ... if you were born with a Natal Moon in Taurus?

If you have a Natal Moon in Taurus, you know instinctively how to take care of business, accomplish your goals and get your needs met -- especially your financial and emotional needs.

Like all owners of Earth sign Moons (the other two Earth signs are Virgo and Capricorn), you were literally born knowing how this physical world operates -- and how to work with it to your advantage.

For you the bottom line is having enough wherewithal to take care of yourself -- and if $$$ is what it takes, $$$ is what you'll have!


Sunrise Services

Everyday Astrology


It's a lazy day, start to finish. The Moon is in Taurus, with no aspects until early evening when it squares the Leo Sun ... at 5 PM (MT.) Even then, this is a conflict over how best to enjoy yourself. Do you want some fun and romance? Or do you want a really good meal? Or if you want both, which first? Decisions, decisions.

Today's Birthday Child

The Leo Sun Signs Talk About Life

Great Minds Talk About Life

Today's Leo Theme: Self-Esteem

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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
Passion and impulsiveness are both in high gear. Risks of all kinds are inviting. You may do something that lands you in a peck of trouble -- or pays off big time. You'll just have to take a shot ... and see what happens.