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Your Astrological Update for July 28, 2016
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Gemini Moonglow

Where is the Moon today?

The Moon is in Gemini. With the Moon in Gemini, the day's mood is changeable and curious. You may have to multi-task a lot ... and find your attention pulled in several directions at once. You're interested in diversity, open to exploring new things and apt to move around -- physically and mentally. It's a day to skim the surface, act quickly -- and realize that concentration may be ... well, challenged.

Gemini Moonlight

Is your Natal Moon in Gemini?

With today's Moon in Gemini, the mood is detached and inquisitive. You may feel restless and easily bored. Staying in one place too long physically or mentally makes you irritable and antsy.

So what does this capricious combination of Lunar energy and Gemini diversity mean if you find it in a Natal chart ... if you were born with a Natal Moon in Gemini?

If you have a Natal Moon in Gemini, your feelings and thoughts mingle often. You are full of curiosity and are good at analytical reasoning. When you tell someone how you "feel" about something, you are more likely telling him what you think. Heart and mind are interchangeable for you, instead of the different channels they are for most people.

This means your emotions flexible, easily shaped to match your mental state. You can change your moods ... by changing your mind. You can (and probably do) examine feelings the way others do thoughts. You want your emotions to make sense to you -- and you are puzzled by those who lose themselves in emotional turmoil.

On the other hand, you feel passionately about your ideas, opinions, beliefs and knowledge. You love to argue and feel you're defending something valuable when you do. This is how most people feel about their emotions -- which is why you're as peculiar to the "sensitive souls" in your world as they are to you.


Sunrise Services

Everyday Astrology


The day gets off to a very rocky start; you're apt to wake up in a terrible mood. Heart and mind are in two different places. You want to do one thing ... and wind up doing something completely different. At 9:15 AM (MT), the Moon finally goes void-of-course, by which time you may count this as a blessing. So, for all practical purposes, the productivity of the day doesn't really get going until after noon.

If your life is your own, you might consider sleeping late, having brunch while you plan your afternoon -- and not even try to get in gear until the Moon hits Gemini -- at 12:15 PM (MT). If on the other hand you need to look busy, realize everyone is in this same crummy spot -- and try to give them all some extra room. Patience now could be a special gift for everyone.

Once versatile, multi-talented Gemini takes over, we get a short spate of better energy, but it will take him a while to connect. The first aspect isn't until nearly midnight, and you -- and the rest of the country -- could be asleep by then. This means the afternoon, while less cranky and temperamental, will still drift in circles ... not yielding much of anything worthwhile.

I'd like to say tomorrow will be better -- but it won't. If anything, your mood is worse. So tread water for the next two days and wait for the week-end. The emotional energy straightens out nice once the week's pressure eases. But then ... doesn't it always?

Today's Birthday Child

The Leo Sun Signs Talk About Life

Great Minds Talk About Life

Today's Leo Theme: Charisma



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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
The atmosphere right now may crackle with issues over "property rights." Your sense of personal possession conflicts sharply with the need to offer your assets into a project that requires "joint action" and mutual effort. Jealousy may be a problem. So may an unshakeable feeling that your rights have been trampled or that you have somehow been disregarded by partners whose high-handed commandeering of what is rightfully yours for their own purposes ... leaves you seething.

Explosive tempers and more explosive actions are a possibility now. Try to consider the boundaries and needs of everyone involved here -- although, to be honest, it may be mighty hard to do that.