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Astro Advisories During Aquarius 2017 by Rebecca Brents Modified February 9th, 2017
Home, Family, and Private Life It's time to discard, repair, and replace things in your career that aren't working. This could mean ideas, possessions, projects, associations, clients, ...

Astro Advisories During Capricorn 2016 / 17 by Rebecca Brents Modified January 17th, 2017
Home, Family, and Private Life Be companionable and cooperative with family members. They are highlighted as your "reason for living" this year. Emphasize teamwork, fairness...

Astro Advisories During Sagittarius 2016 by Rebecca Brents Modified January 17th, 2017
Home, Family, and Private Life Life is unsettled & anxious. You feel pulled in several directions. Set up orderly, routines & regular habits that serve your family members, ho...

Astro-Advisories During Scorpio 2016 by Rebecca Brents Modified December 22nd, 2016
Home, Family, and Private Life Show off!! Promote yourself -- proclaim who you are and where you come from with flash and flair! Personal charisma is a professional asset now!...

Astro-Advisories During Libra 2016 by Rebecca Brents Modified October 3rd, 2016
Home, Family, and Private Life Learning invitations abound. Share what you know. Listen to what others think and say. Expand your mind. Life is too challenging to get trapped ...

Astro-Advisories During Virgo 2016 by Rebecca Brents Modified October 3rd, 2016
Home, Family, and Private Life Passions run high this month. So do ambitions. But for all the power they hold, they have no direction yet. No clear path. No place to go you ca...

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Last updated July 19th, 2016

The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
Conservative ambitions may conflict with partners' plans. Some shared venture seems beyond the reach of available assets. The temptation to overspend ... or over-commit ... makes you uncomfortable. You feel you must maintain control, but that attitude doesn't make you popular.

The Next Lunar Aspect Will Be:
The Moon in Aquarius Sextile Venus in Aries on Fri 24th of Feb 2017 at 8:41 am MST

The Moon Is Void of Course:
until it enters Aquarius on Thu 23rd of Feb 2017 at 10:18 am MST

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