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Moon in Virgo by Rebecca Brents Modified February 11th, 2017
Introduction The Moon travels completely around the Zodiac ... through all twelve signs every month -- a trip that lasts about 28.3 days each time. It makes this circle 13 times a year....

Virgo Monthly Horoscope -- December 21, 2016 through January 19, 2017 by Rebecca Brents Modified January 4th, 2017
Turning play into work It's playtime ... or as much as you ever allow yourself to play. You might like to think of it as time to develop your talents ... to make them more useful in the...

Masculine Signs / Feminine Signs -- It has nothing to do with sex by Rebecca Brents Modified December 12th, 2016
In Astrology and metaphysics, Masculine and Feminine refers not to gender or personal manner, but to one's basic orientation on the world and one's preferred strategies for dealing with proble...

Virgo Moonlight 2 by Rebecca Brents Modified November 21st, 2016
Introduction The Moon travels completely around the Zodiac ... through all twelve signs every month -- a trip that lasts about 28.3 days each time. It makes this circle 13 times a year....

Making the Most of the Sun in Virgo by Rebecca Brents Modified October 27th, 2016
The Gifts of The Sun in Virgo The energy of the Sun in Virgo is logical, rational, and discriminating. It encourages organized, efficient attitudes -- and helps you "get some work ...

Horoscopes When the Sun is in Virgo -- August 23 to September 23 by Rebecca Brents Modified October 23rd, 2016
If your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is in: Aries As the saying goes, there's a time for work and a time for play ... and this month is the time for work. Your special talents are in d...

Mercury in Virgo -- The mind of the critic, the analyst, -- the invaluable employee by Rebecca Brents Modified October 13th, 2016
Mercury's meaning in Astrology In Astrology, Mercury symbolizes the conscious mind, personal intellect, mental capacities and communications skills, the personality components that dea...

In Their Own Words -- The Virgo Sun Signs Talk About Life Modified October 5th, 2016
A visual essay of quotes and photos.The Virgo Sun Signs talk about life. Virgo deals with practical problems on the physical plane,doing the work that restores order and organization from c...

On the Horizon -- The Lunation in Virgo 2016 -- September 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016 by Rebecca Brents Modified October 3rd, 2016
What we're all going through ... Normally, we could look forward to some relief by now ... or at least a change in the kinds of problems we're trying to solve. But not this month. Mercury ...

Astro-Advisories During Virgo 2016 by Rebecca Brents Modified October 3rd, 2016
Home, Family, and Private Life Passions run high this month. So do ambitions. But for all the power they hold, they have no direction yet. No clear path. No place to go you ca...

The Leo-to-Virgo Cusp-Born Person -- August 18 through August 23 by Rebecca Brents Modified September 29th, 2016
Modesty is also a virtue The blend of traits for people born in the transition between Leo and Virgo puts together an interesting and contradictory mix. The foundation of Leo's bravado ...

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo -- Rethinking Work and Health by Rebecca Brents Modified September 21st, 2016
Rethinking "everyday stuff" When Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, it's time to reconsider all the things that comprise your everyday life routines, your working conditions and arrangemen...

Understanding the Sun in Virgo by Serenity Chappell Modified September 17th, 2016
When the Sun travels through Virgo The Sun travels through the Astrology sign Virgo once a year, a trip that lasts about a month. The Sun is in Virgo from late August until late Septemb...

The Full Moon in Pisces Opposing the Sun in Virgo -- Balancing Self-Care and Service by Rebecca Brents Modified September 16th, 2016
Work and rest The Full Moon in Pisces opposing the Sun in Virgo brings to center stage the tension between your work life and your need to be of service to others -- and your need for t...

Are You A Virgo? -- Is Your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Virgo? by Serenity Chappell Modified September 16th, 2016
Versatile, yet down-to-earth Virgo is an Earth sign. Earth signs are grounded, receptive, focused inward and enduring. They have skills that help them survive -- even thrive -- in extre...

The New Moon in Virgo -- Virgo Energy in the Creative Process by Rebecca Brents Modified September 6th, 2016
The party's over. As the New Moon arrives in Virgo, we end the dramatic, self-promoting emphasis of Leo for another year. We've spent time seeking the limelight ... establishing a cente...

Born with the Sun in Virgo -- The Virgo Character by Rebecca Brents Modified August 25th, 2016
Virgo's symbol is the young woman ... the virgin. Virgos devote themselves to work. I will try to keep this brief. I know how Virgos like efficiency. Work and service are their passions....

When the Sun is in Virgo -- August 22 to September 22 by Rebecca Brents Modified August 22nd, 2016
Time to go to work When the Sun is in Virgo, people are logical, rational and precise. Their actions are well-planned and exacting; their attitudes discriminating and efficient. They ar...

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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
Conservative ambitions may conflict with partners' plans. Some shared venture seems beyond the reach of available assets. The temptation to overspend ... or over-commit ... makes you uncomfortable. You feel you must maintain control, but that attitude doesn't make you popular.

The Next Lunar Aspect Will Be:
The Moon in Aquarius Sextile Venus in Aries on Fri 24th of Feb 2017 at 8:41 am MST

The Moon Is Void of Course:
until it enters Aquarius on Thu 23rd of Feb 2017 at 10:18 am MST

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