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Your Astrological Update for Feb 23, 2017
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Capricorn Moonglow


Where is the Moon today?

The Moon is in Capricorn. The mood now is serious, conservative and business-like. You want to invest yourself in things that count -- that get you measurable -- and hopefully profitable -- results. Your methods are focused and organized. There's not much fun or frivolity for now. More than usual, you care what other people think -- of you and whatever you're up to.

Check the Moon's current aspect, next aspect and void-of-course status in The Lunar Light ... in the pink box at the top of the sidebar to the right. Learn more about the void-of-course Moon.


Capricorn Moonlight

baby goats

Is your Natal Moon in Capricorn?

Capricorn Moon natives are quiet, ambitious, mostly undemonstrative people. Their feelings may run deep, but they keep them under tight control. ... continue



winter sunrise


Sunrise Services

winter sunrise


Everyday Astrology
Daily Horoscope at Enchanted Spirit

So what's happening in the world today?
Find out with our daily horoscope feature --
Everyday Astrology at Enchanted Spirit.

everyday winter horoscope scene


The Moon is void-of-course in Capricorn until 10:15 AM (MT) ... but even then, it makes no aspects for the rest of the day. The day is good for puttering around and getting routine stuff done, but don't expect more than that. Srsly.

Learn more about The Void of Course Moon

Learn more about No Lunar Aspects


Born with The Sun in Pisces
The Pisces Character

lion fish

The saintly souls of the Zodiac

Pisces souls are extraordinary people, often unappreciated and misunderstood for the crucial contribution they make to the reality where we all reside. In its uncorrupted state, the energy of Pisces is so gentle, non-resistant, unassertive, and pliant, other signs mistake Pisces' peaceful nature for weakness and even apathy. ... continue


Horoscopes for All Signs
When the Sun is in Pisces

spring leaves fence


Plan to step out of the rat race this month and take some time for yourself. The energy most available to you now is quiet, subtle, reflective, creative, and healing. It's a month for self-care of all kinds ... physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual. ... continue


When the Sun is in Pisces

tropical fish

When compassion and understanding are a way of life

When the Sun is in Pisces, the general tone of life is most compassionate and unselfish. Attitudes are more creative, sentimental, and self-sacrificing. This combination supports ideas and choices that are empathetic and generous, and an overall mood that is sensitive and tolerant. ... continue


When Mercury is in Aquarius
Your Intellectual Self in the Sign of
Independence and Ingenuity


Thinking turns inventive ...

When Mercury is in Aquarius, ideas are eclectic, progressive, and versatile. Thinking is independent and ingenious. Original views spring forth as if neither your head nor your tongue can hold them all. ... continue


When Venus is in Aries
Your Resource Manager and Inner Partner
In the Sign of Initiative and Self-Assertion

Red is an Aries color.
Pink is a Venus color

Love with a competitive kick

When Venus is in Aries, people are forward, assertive and uninhibited in their relationships. They use candor and initiative to attract love -- and show romantic feelings in bold, passionate gestures. They want to win their lover's attentions -- and eagerly pursue their beloved. ... continue


When Mars is in Aries
Your Action Self
In the Sign of Initiative and Self-Assertion

red flowers

The home-field advantage

When Mars is in Aries, people are adventurous, pioneering, and assertive. Their attitudes are independent and aggressive. They show initiative, are competitive, and respond well to a "direct approach." This energy is "active," driven and self-promoting. ... continue


Are You Not Typical for Your Sign?
When your Sun sign description just doesn't fit


What's your sign?

When someone asks your sign, he wants to know which Zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born. Usually it's easy to place anyone in a sign, although there are twelve days a year -- days when the Sun changes from one sign to the next -- when a clear answer isn't possible. ... continue


Eclipses: A Celestial Show in Light and Shadow
The User-Friendly Version

lunar eclipse

A celestial sensation

Eclipses have long been viewed with wariness and caution. They are, for certain, visually impressive events. If you ever have the chance to see one, it's worth the effort. But if you missed the latest one, never fear. There will be others! ... continue



trees in blue evening



full moon


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The Lunar Light

The Moon Position Presently Indicates:
Conservative ambitions may conflict with partners' plans. Some shared venture seems beyond the reach of available assets. The temptation to overspend ... or over-commit ... makes you uncomfortable. You feel you must maintain control, but that attitude doesn't make you popular.

The Next Lunar Aspect Will Be:
The Moon in Aquarius Sextile Venus in Aries on Fri 24th of Feb 2017 at 8:41 am MST

The Moon Is Void of Course:
until it enters Aquarius on Thu 23rd of Feb 2017 at 10:18 am MST

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