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Celebrating Aquarius
The 5 most distinctive / admirable traits of the sign

by Rebecca Brents


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Aquarius is the Winter Air Sign


Their intelligence. Aquarius is hands-down the most cerebral Zodiac sign. The world of the mind and intellect matters to these natives. It's where they live, work and play, roaming the landscape of their conscious mind and imagination, constantly building their vision of the future.

Aquarians are deep thinkers, able to see and appreciate the contradictions of reality. Facts to them are not cut-and-dried statements set in stone. Rather they describe a version of life as it is now -- but with the understanding that it doesn't have to ... or may not always ... be this way.

Everything is constantly changing -- sometimes slowly, sometimes lightning-quick. As part of reality, facts themselves obey this principle. The only constant thing ... is change. Time and perspective make the difference.


winter snow scene


Their independence. Even more than Sagittarius, Aquarians cherish their freedom. They chafe against rules and regulations. They don't believe in restrictions and limits. They need to come and go as they please, be with people when it suits them and be alone when it doesn't.

They don't feel bound to behave by certain standards simply because it's "conventional" or because someone else told them to. One sure way to get an Aquarian's back up is to tell him, "you have to." He'll proceed to show you for certain that, "no, he doesn't."


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Their networking skills. Many Aquarians pride themselves on their large circle of friends, but the truth is, these friends are what most people consider casual acquaintances. But Aquarius is great at "making connections" when he puts his mind to it.

He likes to have a list of talented, resource-rich, well-connected, capable people to call on when he needs a favor ... or help beyond his own abilities.

But that independent streak makes him unusually hard to know. He keeps a wide buffer between himself and intrusion from friends, colleagues, relatives.

He'll stay on friendly terms with almost everyone, but he keeps his distance. In fact, the surest way to send him scurrying for the nearest exit is to try to get too close. Keep that in mind if you're interested in one for any reason.


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Their own inconstant personalities. An Aquarius is like two different people -- and you're never sure which one will greet you. He has a shy, quiet, watchful quiet side and a boisterous, fun-loving, playful side. Family members get to see both, but friends may only see one or the other.

If you do get to witness this quick-change routine, you'll know you've become part of an Aquarian's special inner circle. It's quite an honor, frankly. Surface appearances to the contrary, he doesn't accept just anyone into his personal world.


trees and snow winter


Their focus on "possibilities" and how working with them can shape the future. Aquarius souls may physically live in the here and now, but they're always thinking about tomorrow. Their imagination is focused on the future so much it's fair to say that's where they really live ... where their hearts really are.

They see the world as a constantly evolving work of art, and that "vision" I noted at the start is a trademark of the Aquarian character. They know what genuine progress looks like -- and with their inspired ideas they want to shape the future.

Making the world better for humanity is a sacred calling to these souls. They are constantly working on that, devising insightful ideas on how to get it done. Their visions are often ahead of their time -- but they give humanity a set of dreams to reach for ... and that's priceless.


Your Aquarius Energy

If you were born under the Sign of Aquarius -- roughly between January 20 and February 19 of any year -- these traits and talents are definitely part of your personality. They are also there in huge helpings if you have an Aquarius Moon or Ascendant in your Natal Chart.

There are other groupings possible in a Natal Chart that an astrologer calls "Aquarius signatures" -- which may also show the presence of strong Aquarius energy in your make-up. We all have Aquarius energy operating somewhere in our lives ... and in our characters -- some more than others. Some people have a lot of it ... for various reasons.

Learn more about your involvement with Aquarius and its special energy.

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Celebrating Aquarius -- The 5 most distinctive / admirable traits of the sign ---> Aquarius is the Winter Air Sign -- Perspective -- Their intelligence. Aquarius is hands-down the most cerebral Zodiac sign. The world of the mind and intellect matters to these natives. It's where they live, work and play, roaming the landscape of their conscious mind and imagination, constantly building their vision of the future.


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