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Conscious Living with Aquarius
When The Sun travels through the Aquarius sector in your chart

by Rebecca Brents


Aquarius is the Winter Air sign.

Where is Aquarius onstage in your life?

When the Sun travels through Aquarius what area does it cover in your Natal Chart? What house(s) are involved in this particular slice of the sky? And specifically, what house (or houses) in your Natal Chart have Aquarius on the cusp?

These are areas of life where you feel unusual focus now. Here you want to experiment, try new things and express your originality. Here, also, you find progressive ideas, a sense of invention and innovation -- and the permission to let your natural genius shine.

You solve the problems you meet with flashes of inspiration and lightning-fast insights that help you build a custom-designed lifestyle crafted by you ... just for you!!

You show a lot of independence in the matters ruled by this house ... and reserve a lot of freedom for yourself in how you handle its concerns. Expect the unexpected in this life area, because here is where it will show up most often -- carrying plenty of surprises for everyone!

Here you are strongly influenced by your intellectual comrades ... people who in real life are your friends and colleagues ... and those who are the writers, philosophers, teachers, mentors, lecturers and visionaries whose views shape your views into the tools you need to carve out your best-fitting place in the future.


It happens every year

When the Sun transits Aquarius every year between January 20 and February 20, the new cycle of such events and experiences arrives ... and unfolds. During those 4 weeks, you will look for ways to network, share knowledge and connect with like-minded thinkers ... people who share your attitudes on the world they want to build -- and live in -- for tomorrow.

You have no patience here with traditions and limitations. Old-fashioned ideas find no welcome in this part of your life ... and you aren't bashful about making that known -- loud and clear.

In this life area, novelty has value over the well-known path. You have the courage to be unpredictable, inconsistent and eccentric. It is where you most readily reveal the "real you" -- and where your altruism and ideals influence the person you are becoming.

The more you are able to set yourself free in this one area of experience, the more it will impact the unique being others see in you, and the better example you can be to others of the power, the value and the joy of a liberated spirit.


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