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5 Things to Know About Aries
Dealing with the Zodiac's Pushiest Sign

by Rebecca Brents


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There are twelve signs in the Zodiac. Of these, Aries is the first. Number One. Any Aries will tell you there are good and obvious reasons for that. Moreover he's brave enough to say this out loud in front of Leos and Capricorns. He may have a point, but this tells you some things about Aries. He's confident, courageous and candid.

He also thinks well of himself. And if you stick around long enough to get to know him, he'll back up his words with actions -- every day. Eventually, he may even prove he spoke an honest fact.


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Aries people arrive between March 20 and April 20 -- the first birthdays of Spring. The Sun's entry into Aries marks the start of that season -- the official end of Winter. Naturally the New Moon in Aries will also happen during that month, although on a different date each year.

In the natural rhythm of life, the New Moon in Aries marks the real beginning of the new year -- a time of initiation, renewed vitality and new beginnings. Compared to this, January 1 is just another day on the calendar invented by humans, no matter how much we try to dress it up.

People born during Aries -- and especially those born near the New Moon in Aries -- are self-reliant, self-motivated people who excel at stirring up change, getting things moving and starting new stuff.


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Aries' symbol is the Ram. There are good reasons for that, too. Rams are powerful and pushy. They're also a little pugnacious, if that's what it takes to get them their own way. Those amazing horns aren't just for decoration. They know how to use them, too. Rams know one strategy when it comes to resolving conflict -- head down, full speed ahead.

Anyone in the way had better move quick or suffer the consequences. If the obstacle doesn't budge, rams back up and charge again. The tactic often serves them well. (The ancient weapon was called a "battering ram" also for a reason. This is it. Resistance is costly, painful ... and usually futile. Keep this in mind when dealing with Aries. They're pushy and persistent.)


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Aries is also impulsive, headstrong and not easily scared. The prospect of a confrontation, a challenge or an outright screaming-and-swinging brawl doesn't faze them. Secretly, they love the head-clearing, blood-pumping excitement of an honest, outright conflict. They love the concept of winners and losers, and they always compete to win.

They not only won't back down from such a moment, they may openly incite them. Let's say diplomacy doesn't come naturally to Aries. An Aries himself will say, all that tip-toeing around hurt feelings, all that jawing back and forth is for wimps. Diplomats are sissies; warriors play for keeps.


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To Aries life itself is an adventure -- a chance to conquer something, a chance to win something, a chance to change something and make a difference -- every day. In his character is an impressive blend of warrior boldness and pioneering spirit. And just because that spirit and that soul happen to be wearing a female body doesn't make it any less formidable.

Women pioneers tamed the West -- and other equally forbidding lands -- side-by-side with men ... and fought alongside them too. Survival instinct and street smarts are qualities shared by both sexes. If there's an Aries lady in your life, don't ever mistake her for a pushover. You'll learn differently -- real quick.


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