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The Gemini / Sagittarius Polarity
Logic's Constant Puzzle

by Rebecca Brents


Gemini is about first--hand knowledge, thoughts that arise from your own experience, conclusions you reach based on your own data and observations. Gemini ... gets around. And he's good at deciphering and interpreting what he finds on his travels. He leans hard on logic, which is one of his shortcomings. But he has a great mind and he knows how to use it ... in fact, he loves to.

With Saturn in Sagittarius now (which opposes placements in Gemini) we're confronting entrenched opinions, "conventional wisdom," common knowledge -- and concepts that have the lofty weight of authority and higher learning behind them. Sagittarius represents things we've been taught ... by people who are supposed to know what they're talking about.

It's wisdom and knowledge handed down from elder minds through organized systems to the up-and-coming generations -- so each new cycle of human learning doesn't have to reinvent the wheel every time they sit down to go through, catalog and preserve what they know.

Sagittarius is academic learning and social wisdom. Gemini is what you know, what you think, what you believe about the world ... because it's based on evidence and events that happened to you. Gemini learns; Sagittarius teaches. They need each other. But sometimes their agendas don't synch ... and things go off the rails.

Organized knowledge, written in stone and fossilized in the printed word, almost my its very nature doesn't welcome new input. Decisions and laws about "how things should be" resist being updated to account for changes. "The way things were" never precisely reflect the truth about "the way things are now."

The concept of "legal precedent" carries a lot of weight -- probably lots more than it should. Because it takes a mighty upheaval -- and considerable bravery in a profession that doesn't much like to stick its neck out -- to yank things back in line when time -- and obsolescence -- have let (even helped) them drift off course.

Laws (and academic learning) are meant to be permanent ... and Sagittarius like that. Capricorn likes it even more. It counts on that permanence as the bedrock foundation for its own long-lived authority. But Gemini is different. Gemini is where the rabble-rousing -- and the seeds of insurrection -- begin. Aquarius is where it culminates. In the sign of rebellion and revolution.

But when your own experience differs sharply from what you've been told is true, from what "people" in general believe, and what your established government enforces as assiduously as religion clings to orthodox teachings -- and feels mortally threatened by heresy .... trouble is brewing.

When the evidence of your own eyes, ears and daily living tells you "the truth" that used to be has shifted -- and society needs to accommodate that ... you have the beginnings of trouble that will eventually rock and upend the establishment -- because change is inevitable. Change always wins. It may take a long time and a lot of agony ... but change and progress eventually triumph.

In that way, Gemini -- where the seeds of dissent are sown -- and Aquarius -- where their results are harvested ... those two signs always win. History proves it is absolutely inevitable. But there are plenty of signs who don't take kindly to that. It's logic's puzzle, this inconvenient discrepancy in human thinking. It's responsible for a lot of grief. It creates endless problems to solve. It also keeps life interesting.


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