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When Opposites Attract
Cancer and Capricorn

by Rebecca Brents


For Capricorn, your polarity sign -- the sign opposite you in the Zodiac -- is Cancer -- home-loving, maternal, moody, emotional, protective. Capricorn energy is the anticipated opposite -- career-oriented, stern, disciplined, reserved, and resolutely contained, especially in public.

Cancers are the homebodies; Capricorns the dedicated professionals. Cancers are devoted to the concept of home-and-family. There's a concerned, protective mother energy in every one of them ... men and women alike.

Capricorns, on the other hand, can seem virtually married to their careers ... more bonded to that, those activities and those rewards than to anything as sentimental and possibly unrewarding as a spouse.

Cancers want the attention and loyalty of family, children, pets and the people they adopt along their life's journey and consider "members of the family." Capricorns want the admiration of the public, the gratitude of clients and business colleagues and the respect of their superiors -- of which there are few, regardless of the title on the business card or the office door.

Cancers can get lost in their frequent reflections on the past and the traditions of "yesterday," in the coils and curls of their own memories, in the nostalgia of "how it used to be."

Capricorn souls are very much grounded in the present, the here-and-now, and in the structures they're busy building for the "future."

Like all opposites, these two sound very different in their descriptions ... and yet, each has something ... and can supply something ... the other lacks. Cancer can give Capricorn the comfort and emotional depth of a loving, secure private life. Capricorn can show Cancer how to navigate the political currents of the outside world ... and meet the demands of supplying assets to keep family life well-tended.

Each can be stronger when partnered with the other, but each needs a serious helping of tolerance and patience to understand and accommodate their differences. This is sure easier said than done, but the payoffs when they succeed are enormous -- for both sides.


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