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001 Mutable T-Square Mercury / Saturn / Neptune T-Square mediated by Pluto in Capricorn
September 2016

by Rebecca Brents


Mercury in Virgo Square Saturn in Sagittarius
Opposing Neptune in Pisces and Trine Pluto in Capricorn

(Another mediated T-Square)

Mercury, now in Virgo, has formed the approaching square
with Saturn in Sagittarius, the opposition with Neptune in Pisces, and
... mercifully ... the approaching trine with Pluto in Capricorn.


These aspects formed around 9 - 15 degrees.


The theme of this pattern is

A dismal, foreboding mindset ... apprehension and unrelenting anxiety.
Eventually, efforts to find some relief yield breakthrough insights,
significant changes in perspective ... and a very different view of reality.


What's happening ...

Well, I've been warning for a while that Virgo this year is a minor minefield ... and the problems have begun, as Mercury -- the first of three celestial citizens scheduled to cross this frontier, stepped into the T-square position with Saturn on one side and Neptune across the table. Fortunately, we've got some help this year, just like we did in Cancer which will lighten some of the troubles and fashion a better than expected outcome.

Mercury will be in Virgo a loooooong time this year. He retrogrades from the last degree of the sign back into the middle next month ... and doesn't get gone finally until the early part of October. This indicates a lot of business to conduct in this sign devoted to work, service, health and lifestyle matters ... and while Mercury himself may be thrilled by the prospect -- he rules Virgo after all -- I'm thinking another 20 miles of bad road starting now doesn't sound like a picnic. And yet ... here it is. We all get to deal with it.

First the good news. Here's how things are supposed to work -- when everybody is cooperative and happy.

Mercury in Virgo brings:

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