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Things to Know About Mercury Conjunct The Sun

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

From Apr 2002*

Mercury Conjunct the Sun -- Mercury Passes the Sun

For the next few days, Mercury is in a position astrologers refer to as being "combust to the Sun." Those who consider this condition important argue that the power of the Sun -- with its ego force and robust self-identity -- will, in this position, overshadow the more finely tuned and delicate intellectual sensibilities of Mercury.

The metaphors of this situation suggest problems with intellectual objectivity over the next few days, too much identification with one's own ideas, an automatic resistance to considering other ideas and points of view, and a fervent energy of intellectual pride that can be short-sighted, prejudiced, and offensive.

Having seen this energy in operation, my advice for the next day or two is to understand that the possibility exists for intellectual arrogance and one-sided thinking ... and adjust your timing and choices accordingly. Agreements, contracts, etc., that can be put off for a week ... should be, not only because of this energy, but because the upcoming New Moon in Aries on Friday will offer better deals ... and a completely different set of options for you to consider and work with -- especially on matters that are stalled and unsatisfying at the moment.

This is not the time to be impatient, to force anything that deals heavily in communications, or to push issues that require accord, negotiation, or intellectual understanding.

As far as the change in physical position between the Sun and Mercury is concerned, you will start to see a shift now, away from the phases of planning, research, background preparations, quiet assimilation and intellectual digestion, education, learning, and creative visualization that have been dominant for several months and more emphasis on communication, sharing ideas, offering what you know, broadcasting your knowledge, and pushing your point of view, and gathering new information in a much more aggressive fashion than has been the case for several weeks.

This is the growth phase in the eternal tango between the Sun's proud ego and Mercury's ability to offer adequate intellectual support to keep the needed amount of respect and mental engagement going. This is a more intellectually dynamic and expressive time over all -- and again, everyone in the world will be responding to this new spirit of sharing, learning, arguing, and preaching. (Let's be honest here.)

The creative incubation of the past few months is about to blossom and bear fruit -- until the middle of May, when the next retrograde period of Mercury signals the process of everyone gathering up all their accumulated goodies and new ideas and retiring back into the think-tank to figure out how everything fits ... and how best to work with the new treasures when the next growth period begins.

In the cosmic world (perhaps more clearly than can be observed in "real life"), this is how intellectual evolution occurs ... in these eternal cycles of expansion, revision, incubation, reorganization ... and new expansion. Right this minute, in the vibrant, assertive, and often clamorous sign of Aries ... this process is unfolding one more time.

* Articles in the extensive series "Things to Know About" are constructed from information originally published in Step-by-Step, our Premium Members several-times a week Astrology Ezine. This Ezine has been continuously published since late November 2001. The material is published here mostly for my convenience. It is not intended to be finished, organized, polished or even complete. Some of it may be notes that don't even make a lot of sense, but you're welcome to look at it.

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  Astrology in Action  

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