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Things to Know About Mercury Square Pluto

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

From Aug 2002*

Mercury in Virgo Square Pluto in Sagittarius

Mercury in Virgo (intellect and communication -- delivered with precision and critical analysis) has formed a square with Pluto in Sagittarius (transformation of philosophical foundations and existing worldviews), a combination that can't even spell the word "diplomacy."

When Mercury is square to Pluto, the intellectual energy at work in the world is very astute, penetrating, and incisive ... but the information it brings may not be comfortable and the delivery methods may lack any kind of grace or tact. The Truth may become available for you -- and everyone else -- to see, but the starkness of its presentation can be unsettling, to say the least.

Objectively, you can think more clearly, see "the facts" in a plain, unvarnished light, and are willing to "tell it like it is" ... but both your easy-going view of reality and your popularity in relationships may suffer from the shock. You may see the motives behind people's actions (including your own) with disturbing precision ... and deduce information that usually remains hidden or buried out of sight -- beneath the surface of consciousness -- giving you a view of your circumstances (and those of others) you've tried hard to deny or ignore.

Statements, facts, and blunt realizations seem deliberate and calculated in their arrival now ... as if you finally have to speak the truth and admit things you can't cover up any longer. You also no longer have the luxury of "looking the other way" on issues you've tried to skirt, rationalize, fudge, or soften. As I said, the jolt of uncluttered awareness can be mighty sobering.

Controversies are easy to provoke ... because The Truth is not always popular, even if it is undeniable. Some of the facts and information you must work with can be harsh and uncompromising. Your comments and thoughts will reflect this fact ... as may those directed toward you from others. This can be a very punch-in-the-gut kind of time ... without a lot of wiggle-room to keep you from feeling pinned to the wall by the knowledge you're handed. You are not in a mood to mince words ... but neither are those around you.

It is a time when not many folks are too worried (obviously!!) about the feelings, sensibilities, and agendas of other people. They have their own axe to grind ... and a will to get on with the work!

Because quarrels can be annoying and waste time and energy, you (and others) may choose to keep your own counsel, stay mum about your thoughts and plans, and get on with what you want to do in secret, without risking interference from anyone who might have other ideas. It's about the only reason you'd keep your mouth shut about what you're up to ... but even then you aren't going to modify your views and ideas much.

This energy carries a feel of plotting, slyness, and cunning ... as if you're trying to get away with something or pull a fast one when what you really want is your own way without a lot of discussion and other social folderol. You may not have sinister motives, but you are intent on outfoxing any opposition ... and doing an end-run around anyone's ability to meddle with your goals.

You may also like to feel you have the power to work your own will, to shape other people's ideas, and to wrangle conformity to your views just by "playing your cards right." This energy's strange fondness for intrigue and coercion is part of the whole "off-putting" climate it creates. People become uneasy because they don't know what to expect ... or how far someone will go to succeed, and they're rightfully afraid to find out because undercurrents of extremism are very much a part of this territory now.

Anything this powerful when misapplied can prompt unfortunate reactions ... and the temptation of this stressed combination -- especially for saying things you later wish you hadn't phrased in quite that candid way -- can light the fuse on far-reaching consequences that you'll wish in hindsight had not detonated or had at least been less disruptive and intense.

This energy will last about a week to ten days ... gradually unlocking and dissolving as that horizon nears.


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  Astrology in Action  

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