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Things to Know About Mercury Square Uranus

by Rebecca Brents


From Apr 2002*

Mercury in Taurus Square to Uranus in Aquarius

Mercury in Taurus (practical thinking, a desire to stick to well-laid plans) goes square to Uranus in Aquarius (the generation of independent and inventive proposals) tonight, ushering in a week or more of intellectual excitement that could bring a raft of new ideas, unexpected pieces of information, ingenious concepts "from out of the blue," and sudden changes of viewpoint -- that can both provide new stimulation and catch you totally off guard.

The welcome grounding of Taurus in this equation may keep these new thoughts practical, realistic, and semi-stable ... at least for a few hours, but the change of Mercury into Gemini in the very early hours of Tuesday morning is sure to kick the idea factory into very high gear. At that point we will have both these highly volatile, cerebral, communicative planets in their own signs of rulership -- and the mental fireworks will shower new concepts into your life like sparklers on the 4th of July.

The stressful side of this square energy comes from a definite nervous tension that marks all of these planets and signs, even under the best conditions. You may be blessed with more brilliant ideas than you can handle. A definite sense of urgency may accompany their implementation. Insomnia ... from the stress of this combination is possible, and if you have tendencies toward this in the first place, it may be aggravated by this energy.

You also may speak first and engage the brain later -- which is a notorious problem with this square. Not that you'll necessarily say stupid things, or untrue things ... just things you wish you'd thought twice about announcing -- or revealing. The lightning fast responses contained in this energy now may make this a special hazard.

You also need to be especially careful driving for the next couple of weeks. This obsession with speed and quickness translates very easily into a brick-foot on the accelerator and making sudden moves without benefit of a turn signal. Everyone is feeling pushed and impulsive now ... and distracted by all the activity as well, and may be paying more attention to the conversations and movies in their minds than to conditions on the roads and highways. Just remember: Caution pays ... every chance you get.

But for those of us who love playing with the acrobatics of thought ... on a high wire without a net, this can be a most exhilarating bit of fun. Have a good time.

* Articles in the extensive series "Things to Know About" are constructed from information originally published in Step-by-Step, our Premium Members several-times a week Astrology Ezine. This Ezine has been continuously published since late November 2001. The material is published here mostly for my convenience. It is not intended to be finished, organized, polished or even complete. Some of it may be notes that don't even make a lot of sense, but you're welcome to look at it.

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