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Things to Know About Mercury Trine Uranus

by Rebecca Brents


From Jul 2002

Mercury in Gemini Trine Uranus in Aquarius

As its parting gift before leaving Gemini yesterday, Mercury formed a trine with Uranus in Aquarius.

When this energy connects, your mental abilities are strongly linked to your intuitive faculties ... and in these two extraordinarily intellectual signs, the result can be ideas that shimmer with brilliance and insight. Your ideals for the future ... and your altruism in your conduct of relationship are also strengthened.

It's a wonderful energy to support investigation or research into new areas of thought and personal education. It helps you think for yourself and bolsters your willingness to take risks -- which may pay off quite handily because your instincts are so in tune with your inspirations. Your own ingenuity may startle you!

It's a time when new insights into the meaning of life ... and specifically the meaning of your life may arrive -- sometimes with the force of a lightning strike. I'm not kidding when I say this is a powerfully intellectual combination, and your personal connection to the Universal Mind is reinforced now.

Independent thinking ... and the readiness to explore bold new concepts ... and strongly indicated -- for everyone. You have no patience with "group think." You're ready to draw your own independent conclusions ... and champion them to anyone who will listen. You may reach new dimensions in "thinking for yourself" while this energy lasts.

This energy supports communications of all sorts ... everything from conversation to broadcasting to creative writing. If you are involved in any of these fields either professionally or as a hobby, dramatic and original new ideas may present themselves in the next few weeks. Again, this is a bonus for your eagerness to "think outside the box" ... and enjoy your own brilliance.


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