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Things to Know About The Sun Opposing Pluto

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

From Jun 2002*

The Sun in Gemini opposed Pluto in Sagittarius around the midnight hour in the United States last night. An opposition represents a confrontation between two differing agendas or points of view, one usually representing individual viewpoints and energy and the other representing collective demands for "something else" -- and making necessary serious adjustments in order to restore balance ... usually in different arrangements that what existed before.

This is one of the annual milestones of personal growth -- and the opposition between the Sun and Pluto does happen once a year ... every year. But as we have discussed at some length in these documents, this year, Gemini's energy of individual knowledge, independent thought, information sharing, and willingness to speak out in forceful support of "what you know to be true" ... has confronted Pluto's awesome power in a series of hit-and-run skirmishes, fortifying the significant position Saturn has taken, opposing Pluto off and on for quite some time now.

Afflicted positions in Sagittarius represent religious, political, and philosophical zealotry -- and afflicted Pluto denotes a crisis amounting to emergency -- demanding a need for change with no room for compromise. Afflicted Pluto positions will enforce their ideas by the most ruthless means necessary ... including mass destruction. (Pluto rules nuclear weaponry and "explosive" force.)

We are certainly seeing evidence of this on the world stage -- in the conflict between India and Pakistan, between the United States and the Muslim nations, and in the crisis over long tolerated and hidden cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests -- a state of turmoil now being termed one of the worst in the church's history.

It's interesting to note that the last time Saturn and Pluto squared off in these two signs ... the roots of the Inquisition were forged, an institution of religious zealotry that terrorized the civilized world for over 500 years -- in the name of God.

July 26 -- The Inquisition was established by Pope Clement IV, 1267. Last victim of the Inquisition was executed in Valencia, Spain, 1826 - 559 years later, to the day.

We'd all like to think we've learned something over the last 700+ years of human history. But when India and Pakistan are facing one another with the threat of nuclear war between them and possibly millions of lives in the balance ... we have to wonder.

A highly stressed configuration between the Sun, Saturn and Pluto is prominent in the charts that describe the attack on the World Trade Center -- an incident that unquestionably combines the elements of religious fanaticism, fiery explosions, and complete destruction.

Once again, we face a need for massive change ... especially in our ideas, our operating philosophies, and "what we believe to be true." Regarding the first chart in this series, the one that formed last night, Sun / Pluto oppositions are power struggles ... pure and simple -- often with the threat of death to back up the demands. The addition of Saturn in the equation adds an element of implacability and rigid structure. The opportunity for compromise may be a very narrow one now.

Sun / Saturn in Gemini says in effect "I am absolutely solid in what I believe and know. My ideas are permanent. They will not change." The opposition from Pluto says, "Oh, yes, indeed they will. Whatever it takes. They will change."

I've said before that these aspects as they form are like triggers being pulled. The most "dangerous" moments in the astrological chart are not the instant that all hell breaks loose and things change on the spot. But they do forecast the fact that change is on its way -- sooner now rather than later ... and playing out these dramas over the rest of this calendar year and well into next before we can say that astrologically the tensions have eased.

Mercury due to come out of retrograde tomorrow will cross this opposition point in a little while, as the astrological straggler in this parade ... and while less fearsome than some of the players already in place, Mercury does rule travel ... and communications. It also prompts decisions based on willful, obsessive, even irrational "logic." This is where the Great Ideological Debate becomes a screaming match ... or worse, and so the verbal fireworks may increase several more levels of magnitude in the coming weeks.

The New Moon in Gemini this coming Monday looks fairly ominous, too.

I'll be glad when the worst of this is over and the tensions have dialed back to something we can all live with a little better.

Once again, we are all feeling this confrontation and tension in our personal lives -- in ways that aren't directly connected to things playing out on the world stage. So, to note the areas of concern one more time (!!!) for your review ... see below. (And I will shut up about this pretty soon. I promise.)

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Aries -- especially if near 17°: This drama will play out very directly as I just described. Something you believe, some significant structure of ideas on which you have based a lot of your past thinking is about to be challenged "fatally" by radical new information, new philosophical concepts, and new "rules for living" ... possibly involving legal, religious, or ethical matters.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Taurus -- especially if near 17°: Your financial structures will be challenged by something that can only be described as a crisis or emergency that involves a sudden ending, a complete termination of something you share in common with partners or "other people," or a "death" of some sort.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Gemini -- especially if near 17°: Personal responsibilities and possibly involvements with your career and professional life face serious challenges from changes in your areas of partnership, close associates, and legal alliances.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Cancer -- especially if near 17°: Plans for the future ... possibly something hindered by a long-standing and major psychological problem (possibly related to your relationship with your father or another "authority figure") faces disruption and change from circumstances involving health, lifestyle choices, or significant alterations in the kind of work and service you provide -- including both paid and unpaid "jobs" that are your responsibility to handle.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Leo -- especially if near 17°: Goals that involve your career direction, personal ideals, friendships, or altruistic visions face challenge from a complete redefinition of your creative style, your relationships with your children and "brain-children," and the risks you are willing to take to put yourself and your talents "in the spotlight of attention." A completely new self-image may be in the making.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Virgo -- especially if near 17°: Matters involving your career and profession face challenge because of disruptions, destruction, and radical change involving your home, family situation, and private life.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Libra -- especially if near 17°: Your acquired expertise, your religious and philosophical structures, and the wisdom of experience you've gained through the years face substantial change because of new knowledge you have acquired (or will soon acquire), new and revolutionary ways of thinking, and major adjustments in the way you communicate and share what you believe. This may involve the discovery of information "you didn't want to know."

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Scorpio -- especially if near 17°: Responsibilities you have for "joint assets," shared income and property, or the management of other people's resources may encounter major problems because of a collapse or substantial reorganization within your own financial structures or other channels of physical support.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Sagittarius -- especially if near 17°: Major changes in your sense of who you are and the impact you need to have on the world may be rocked by the absence, loss, or need for "new arrangements" in the area of partnerships, associates, allies, and legal connections. Your own changing persona may in fact instigate some of these adjustments. Powerful themes of personal transition ... ending and beginning again ... are playing out in your life at this time.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Capricorn -- especially if near 17°: Arduous, structured, and possibly "thankless" work that you have established in your life may be altered permanently by an occurrence that may strike "like a bombshell from out of left field." Something out of sight and in the background of your life ... something that may involve elements of treachery and betrayal, when objectively analyzed ... may impact the services you perform, the "jobs" you do, and possibly your physical health.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Aquarius -- especially if near 17°: Something that involves a long-standing creative ability, your view of your own talents and assets in "drawing attention to yourself," your usual habits in self-promotion, your sense of responsibility to your children and "brain-children," and your reticence when it comes to taking chances will be changed permanently by the arrival of a new, visionary goal of substantial importance. A major redirection regarding your professional targets is in the making.

If your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or an important planetary placement is in Pisces -- especially if near 17°: Your home and family structures, things you may have depended on ... or worked to build ... for a long time face substantial changes because of radical new directions and adjustment in your professional life and public status, your identity to the world at large.


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  Astrology in Action  

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