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Things to Know About The Sun Square Uranus

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

From May 2002*

The Sun in Taurus went square to Uranus in Aquarius late yesterday afternoon.

Generically this indicates a time of tension between your financial interests, income requirements, and your desire for economic stability conflicting with your need for more adventure and freedom in your professional life, more opportunity to "call your own shots" professionally, and the likelihood of "surprises" that can affect your professional or public status.

You can also feel it as a time of stress between your need to be unconventional, rebellious, and "free to do your own thing" in order to be yourself ... hindered by your need for security in your private life, your desire to have predictable conditions for your family to rely on, and your requirement for a comfortable home you can retreat into, enjoy, and know will always be there for you.

Obviously, this can be a restless time as the friction between stability and greater liberty rub and chafe against each other, when the need to be consistent and supply support and income and the desire for more excitement (or perhaps the discovery of involuntary changes -- which can be pretty exciting!!) reach their greatest point of tension for the year.

This aspect does happen every year ... when dreams of owning your own business, building a professional life without so many responsibilities, or the sudden and surprising opportunity to "do something else" (as in, "Here's your pink slip") stirs up anxiety about how to pay the bills if you do find yourself face to face with these new conditions.

Fortunately for most of us it's usually played out on the stage of our imaginations rather than making us look up the nearest unemployment office so we can get down there and register. But if you're feeling the tug between "I gotta be free" vs. "I gotta pay the bills" ... you're feeling these two energies bump up against each other. This fairly intense feeling will roam the edges of your attention for the next week or so. Specifically, you may find these experiences and feelings popping up over the next ten days.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Aries: This tension is playing out pretty much as described: The need to keep things stable in your financial life rubs against a desire to kick over the traces and live the life of a vagabond. Thoughts of "doing something else for a living" ... bump up against economic considerations. Sudden new goals and objectives may strain budgetary considerations.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Taurus: Your desire to be attractive to others and accommodating in your relationships, to keep people convinced you are pleasant, helpful, and generous, and even your need to splurge on some little personal extravagances run into problems because of sudden changes in your professional calendar ... or a decision that you want more freedom in meeting the responsibilities that are expected of you.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Gemini: Plans you are putting together ... or just a desire for some quiet, secluded "down time" to catch your breath and recharge your emotional batteries may be interrupted by sudden upsets that could be broadly described as a philosophical or ethical crisis. A bit of upsetting news or unexpected information may disturb the peace and tranquility you're looking for over the next 7 - 10 days.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Cancer: Some project, goal, or experimental effort may have to accommodate sudden changes in the resources you share with others. Friendships or social plans may conflict with an unexpected crisis or emergency. Or the opportunity to act on an ideal or vision that has great future potential (perhaps for more people than just you) may be jangled -- or uncomfortably stimulated -- by an abrupt ending, a time of transition, or something that broadly represents a "sudden death" in the changes it brings for you to cope with.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Leo: The need for stability and "maintaining appearances" in your professional life may be threatened by the volatility, unreliability, or unpredictable changes introduced by "other people" in your world. Your opportunity to shine in your public life and otherwise enjoy the spotlight has to accommodate the independent ... and perhaps not altogether welcome ... actions of an impulsive, rebellious, inconsistent partner.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Virgo: Your efforts to expand your influence, to put the wisdom of your experience into operation, or to act according to your personal beliefs and ethics may be challenged by upsets in your work situation. Unexpected changes regarding a colleague, unexpected health concerns, or a minor crisis affecting the work you do (including errands, favors, and unpaid commitments) may challenge some of your set beliefs about "how things should be done."

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Libra: A strong need to change your personal direction into "something better" and more satisfying may have to accommodate a crisis involving your children, some "pet project" you might call one of your brain-children, or simply the decision that you must have more recognition for your own unique contributions. Your need to get more joy out of life may urge you to put a sudden end to some role you've been playing or some "identity" you've assumed for a while.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Scorpio: The need to accommodate other people, to be part of a team effort, to support partnerships, or to see things from another person's viewpoint faces challenge from upsets at home, crises involving other family members, or an unexpected emergency in your private life -- possibly an emotional reaction from you yourself that catches everyone by surprise.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Sagittarius: Peaceful conditions at work, considerations involving health and comfort, or your efforts to provide helpful service to someone in need may be upset by new ideas, sudden radical insights that affect the way you think about what you're doing ... or possibly a tactless remark or piece of information you offer that is full of truth but unlikely to find a welcome reception.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Capricorn: Your wish to be appreciated for your creativity, the need to kick loose for a while and have fun, or efforts to really shine at something you both enjoy and are good at ... hits a conflict involving your finances, income, or support sources. You may face an unexpected expense involving your children . Or you may make an abrupt, surprising decision involving money, income, or purchases for "selfish" reasons. Unsettled conditions involving money interfere with your ability to enjoy yourself.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Aquarius: The need for more personal independence, the chance to be eccentric, to really kick loose and be different or at least do something out of the ordinary ... interferes with your desire for a stable, secure, reliable home life, and vice versa. Some personal quirk, indulgence, or eccentric choice may upset your family members. There's just no way to accommodate both impulses in this situation.

If your Sun or Ascendant is in Pisces: An unexpressed need for more personal freedom, something you may not recognize consciously yet, impulses you have pushed down and denied for years may break out in your ideas, opinions, or even slips of the tongue. Choices, professed opinions, and "saying what you think" to others may reveal a hidden subconscious agenda that surprises even you.


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  Astrology in Action  

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