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Things to Know About Venus Conjunct to The Sun

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

Notes on Venus conjunct The Sun in Capricorn

From Jan 2002*

On January 14, Venus finally caught up in its orbit to align with The Sun at 24º of Capricorn.

This is an aspect that forms about once a year, but the signs and the timing are variable. Last year, Venus became conjunct to The Sun while in retrograde motion at 9º of Aries on March 29. It finally went direct again late on April 19 ... and has been chasing The Sun ever since ... trying to catch up again, a pattern that will play out between these two celestial bodies as long as they exist.

The Sun, of course, represents your individual ego, your sense of self-identity, and in its transiting position will give information about the kind of general life interests that have your attention at the moment. Venus represents your preferences for handling money and economic concerns and your style of managing partnerships. When conjunct, these interests become closely merged in the way you think about, work with, and use the energies they represent.

There are a couple of interesting things happening this year with the Sun / Venus conjunction. First of all, the two planets start out in the sober, conservative, self-controlled sign of Capricorn ... a sign known for its fixation on professional interests, but not well-associated at all with anything fun, romantic, or loving.

Therefore, for the moment, these career and economic concerns have a strong upper hand on the agendas of most people -- especially as they are concerned with money, profession, status, and your conduct with associates, Wherever this conjunction occurs in your chart (whatever house contains 24º of Capricorn) your attention to the affairs of that house is receiving an extra boost of energy from the cosmos -- one that should be quite pleasant.

In a way, this has been going on since the middle of last month, as Venus began to approach its conjunction with The Sun from its trailing position. But an aspect that is forming is different psychologically from one that has already happened and is beginning to separate. I was actually taught, years ago, that applying aspects were stronger than separating ones. That wisdom is still widely preached ... and perhaps widely accepted.

But at least in terms of transits -- movement going on in the sky in present-day time -- I have not found that to be the case. (Since I don't live inside the skin of other people, I haven't been able to do observations that suit me about the effects of applying versus separating aspects as they pertain to Natal Charts -- birth charts, but I'm inclined to believe the same logic I've discovered holds true there as well.)

In my opinion, observations, and conclusions, I have found that applying aspects, aspects that are forming as the faster-moving planet enters the orb of influence with the slower moving planetm but has not yet reached the exact degree and minute of perfect alignment, will represent "planning phases," and are more associated with desires, brainstorming, subconscious urges, and fantasies than with actual events.

Once the exact aspect forms, things begin to happen in the outside world. I liken it to the trigger being pulled that will launch a new round of experience, putting events into motion out onstage where they are apparent to everyone ... and where certainly the person(s) being affected by the influence can work with it more easily.

Things which are conscious are arguably easier to see and perhaps easier to control than things that are still roaming around in the murky, abstract, subconscious planning stages, where the question of whether they will ever see the light of day remains unanswered.

To carry on with this analogy, for the past month there has been a lot of quiet, hidden, perhaps even unconscious activity taking place in your life regarding structure ... as that concept affects your relationships, your handling of professional and economic concerns, and your feelings of personal involvement in these matters.

This may have shown itself as an "automatic" tendency to be a little more conservative in your spending and budgeting over the Christmas holidays, a background level of anxiety that you really don't want to face directly or acknowledge in conversations with others about your professional progress, situation, or future. It would also have caused you to be unintentionally standoffish toward loved ones and associates and to put a lot more emphasis on meeting your responsibilities and fulfilling your partnership obligations than on being intimate and having fun.

Because these concerns were still somewhat hidden, you might not have noticed unless you are exceptionally self-aware or unless somebody in one of your close relationships decided to fuss about being slighted or ignored. You may have had a lot of good reasons why being a bit more cautious and frugal in your holiday spending was a good idea ... the global recession and emotional repercussions from September 11th being obvious possibilities for blame.

But lingering worries about the future, especially your professional and financial future would have tugged at your awareness from back behind the curtain. You may have put on a good face and tried to ignore your unappeased anxiety -- but the problem remained, nevertheless, kind of sapping your spirits and your joy as the calendar moved from 2001 to 2002.

The approaching Sun / Venus conjunction in Capricorn would have been marked by attitudes that fixed on maintaining your dignity, being a bit touchy about your value and position in both professional and personal relationships, wanting appreciation for your diligence and persistence, congratulating yourself privately on your self-control and reliability, sticking to conservative and traditional habits -- especially in spending and celebration. There may even have been a reluctant nostalgia ... in wanting to stick to habits you knew were accepted and predictable.

None of this may have impinged too strongly on your consciousness, however. The approaching conjunction works through automatic responses, knee-jerk reactions, feelings that are hard to define and which you may not even question, and a tendency to make choices that seem right at the time but which you'd have to think about for a while to directly justify.

For this reason, energy during the time of the approaching aspect can be strangely uncomfortable ... as if you know on some level that your strings are being pulled by something outside your range of vision. You may not like it much ... but there also doesn't seem to be a lot you can do about it. It can be an annoying, off-putting feeling for the more logical types to handle. The intuitives among us find it easier to go with the flow ... and see what happens.

Now that the conjunction has occurred ... and the "trigger" has been pulled, so to speak, you have more conscious, more direct access to the personal issues that involve status, reputation, prestige, your moderate and cautious use of assets, self-discipline, discretion, correctness, playing by the rules, and the value of plain old-fashioned (naturally!) hard work. At the very least, you are more willing to admit your concern with these areas in your life ... and to ask for respect because you are meeting your "requirements" here with all due diligence.

But a planet forming a conjunction that is too close to The Sun is in a condition astrologers call "combust." This makes an interesting little side trip for us to explore here ... because not many texts will even mention, let alone deal with a combust state, and you will find conflicting opinions about just what this means and when it occurs. Some astrologers consider a planet to be combust if it is within 10º of The Sun. Some astrologers consider a combust planet to be heavily weakened, even crippled in its ability to perform properly in a Natal chart.

The theory behind this phenomenon holds that the Sun "scorches" the planet that has come too close to its emanating energy, thereby damaging its ability to function and harming its sovereignty to exercise control and rulership over the houses it theoretically governs in a personal chart and the issues that the corrupted planet naturally represents. Some older texts refer to this position as "being under the Sun's rays" ... or "under the Sunbeams."

Again, my observation and experience with this phenomenon differs somewhat from the conventional wisdom that proposes the planet and all its concerns are injured or crippled by being in this position.

I allow an orb of only about 2º to consider a planet combust ... and my experience suggests that when in this condition, the concerns of that planet become so "merged" with ego energy (which is what The Sun represents) that boundaries melt and the planet, while still able to exercise authority over its concerns and the houses it rules in a chart, has an "inflated ego" attached to it whenever and wherever it operates.

Thus, when Mercury, for example, is combust the Sun, which happens several times a year, one's opinions, knowledge, and information become so "ego driven" other points of view don't even get noticed, let alone a fair hearing. (When the whole world is in this position because of the transiting placements of the planets in the sky in real present-day time, this presents all kinds of obvious problems in everyday life!)

When Venus is combust the Sun ... which has been the case since the first of the year and will last about another 10 days, people become more likely to treat partners as if they were part of some single conglomerate entity rather than having separateness, autonomy, different agendas, and different requirements.

In other words, you (and everyone) will view "you and your partners" as being "a unit" and will treat one another as if there is no question but that you are of one accord ... with the same drives, the same goals, the same outlooks, the same values, which, of course are your ego values ... and any hint of deviation from this can cause quite a scene!!! "Deviation," however, is likely, since your partners will feel the same way about you and the role they assume you should be filling and the support you should be offering in their lives.

The possibility for problems is obvious.

Now ... this year ... on the 19th, just as Mercury goes retrograde, an interesting shift in the Sun / Venus energy takes place as the two of them move into Aquarius, in tandem.

As the Venus combust The Sun energy begins to weaken ... let's say about the 27th or 28th of January ... the distinctions between "you" and "the other person" will return to the conduct of your relationships, but with a nice aura of genuine friendship and freedom attached to it in ways that just weren't happening during Capricorn, when "takin' care of business" was much more the order of the day.


* Articles in the extensive series "Things to Know About" are constructed from information originally published in Step-by-Step, our Premium Members several-times a week Astrology Ezine. This Ezine has been continuously published since late November 2001. The material is published here mostly for my convenience. It is not intended to be finished, organized, polished or even complete. Some of it may be notes that don't even make a lot of sense, but you're welcome to look at it.

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