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Things to Know About Venus, Mars and Saturn Opposing Pluto

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

From May 2002*

Well this is the line-up astrologers have been watching with both interest and dread for some time now ... taking place in the next few days.

Ordinarily, all this united energy (Venus / Mars / Saturn) in any sign would be extremely positive and constructive. By itself, this triple conjunction in Gemini indicates unified thought -- and the different energies bring a rare and interesting asset of intellect, action, and relationships into being.

With Venus conjunct Saturn -- the energy is that of unified, concerted, business-like relationships and alliances, forming associations that are meant to last and that have solid, sensible foundations. This energy also indicates the careful, cautious use of resources and assets -- channeled along tried and true paths of growth and expenditure. It's not a terribly romantic energy, since "logic" is so much a part of its composition, but obviously such affiliations have their place in the world. This conjunction occurred on Tuesday morning May 7 in the United States.

With Venus conjunct Mars -- the energy is that of passionate involvements, alliances based on the forceful assertion of ideas and the promotion of unified opinions. It is tremendously vital, creative, and intense -- and in this sign, speaks of highly energized ideas and the presentation of knowledge along multiple lines of communication and on more than one topic. This conjunction will occur on Friday afternoon in the United States.

With Mars conjunct Saturn -- as described in the last issue of Step by Step (and on Now Starring on the Celestial Stage in the Premium Members section), humanity has begun to collect solid, sensible information, theories, and concepts and arrange them into new judgments and beliefs that will direct actions and choices on the "world stage," and in individual lives, for the next 30 years.

Consciously directed or not, this is the basic work to which everyone in the world is contributing at the moment -- in his or her unique fashion. This alliance depicts the focused, structured, controlled and forceful energy needed to get work done and put ideas into action. This conjunction occurred on Friday, May 3.

This is a resourceful, durable, courageous combination -- able to go the distance and deal with a lot of hardship along the way. In this sign of Gemini, you are especially able to use what you know to reach practical results and find multiple ways of getting the job done -- operating on the principle that with more than one trick up your sleeve you're in a much better position to get the results you're aiming for ... by hook or by crook. You have allies to help you, and are willing to devote resources and effort to the cause -- whatever it may be.

The trouble is, however, the opposition to Pluto that's affecting this conjunction (and the opportunities it represents) through extreme reactions and relationship problems. Oppositions from Pluto indicate serious, antagonistic relationship issues that may be karmic in nature ... and are certainly apt to generate Karma if they aren't handled properly. These issues deal specifically with the improper use of force.

Oppositions from Pluto spawn behavior that is demanding, dictatorial, domineering, and often merciless. There is a peculiar lack of conscience afoot when Pluto gets his dander up, and the intractable decision that you will get your own way on an issue can result in serious, even dangerous consequences. The decision to act without consideration for the wishes, rights, desires, or even the fates of other people is a hallmark of Pluto on a rampage.

Keeping in mind energy is always a two way street, you may find yourself caught up in the willful misbehavior of someone else, a power struggle with someone else where your decision to win, come what may, sets loose an unforeseen and often extremely unfortunate chain of events, or where you may be caught up in classical and disruptive "circumstances beyond your control."

Obviously there are disturbing ways Pluto's malefic meaning could rock lives in the outer world ... and those ripples carry right on into the personal lives of each of us. Feelings and passions are apt to run awfully high for the next several weeks (or quite a few months in some cases).

Venus opposing Pluto can represent jealousy, uncontrolled emotions, and severe disruptions and changes in relationships and finances -- as circumstances end and are "born again" in improved form ... eventually. This is, after all, how Pluto works. And the promise of all his demolition is that things will be better after he's done. He makes no promises, though, about your comfort in the meantime. (This will occur exactly on May 9.)

Mars opposing Pluto is a classically violent energy, depicting a willingness to use excessive force, physical coercion, and whatever means are necessary to gain one's ends. (This occurred exactly on May 8.)

Saturn opposing Pluto depicts the explosive break-up of structures usually considered "permanent" or solid. Often there are major social or cultural changes involved in a clash between these two karmic giants. Circumstances that are harsh or dangerous frequently appear in conjunction with this opposition -- and as I said, often there are karmic issues on display -- and new ones being formed, during these often fateful months. (This will occur against exactly for the last time on May 25, although these two will remain close enough for this aspect to be considered valid until well into next year.)

The last major opposition between Saturn and Pluto was in 1966 when Saturn in Pisces opposed the Pluto / Uranus conjunction in Virgo. As the song says ... "Wasn't that a time... to try the souls of men, wasn't that a terrible time?" (God bless Pete Seeger and the Weavers.) Those of us who lived through it remember it well ... and the fallout in the years that followed. Well, it's come around again ... to challenge our ideas, our philosophical concepts about the rules of life, and our ethical and religious positions.

Realize, therefore, that this isn't a condition that's going to end in a week or a couple of months. This influence is going to hang around most of the year, certainly all summer, and the fallout -- as before -- could endure even longer.

It is not a time to get caught up in fanatical legal, social, religious, or philosophical positions and it is most certainly not a time to be overly aggressive. The repercussions and responses from that could be fierce indeed ... and I keep pointing monotonously, I know, to the possible karmic consequences that could be unleashed during this time.

Those of you with Natal Chart placements around 17° of any sign will probably feel this quite keenly in your personal lives as the energy and its consequences play themselves out. Where this opposition falls in your Natal Chart will, of course, tell you the circumstances of life that are in conflict and stressing one another. It's a time to be flexible, open-minded, and versatile in your response to possible crises. But it's also a time to know where you stand, who you can count on, and what you're willing to defend -- both out in the world and at home, where you live.

Despite the dire warnings in this writing, this is not a time to panic or to expect all hell to break loose. The trigger has just been pulled on some possibly serious consequences that will eventually show up on the world scene, and will perhaps touch your individual life as well. One of the functions of astrology is to provide a warning of what to expect, and a description of what's occurring and how to deal with it.

So while the next year seems to promise some unsettling surprises ... keep in mind that most of us made it through 1966 and its aftermath, greatly changed in our thinking, but still in one piece. And the same likelihood holds here as well.

Keep reminding yourself: This too shall pass. And whatever the provocation, remember your Karma.


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  Astrology in Action  

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