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Things to Know About Venus Opposing Jupiter

by Rebecca Brents


Notes on Venus in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer

From Jan 2002*

Venus opposing Jupiter is a classic aspect of self-indulgence, extravagance, wastefulness, pretentiousness, hypocrisy, and excesses, especially when it comes to spending money or getting involved in relationships that are "all show and no substance." (And, as I said, we have the Capricorn Sun involved in this configuration now, as well, which makes this unattractive energy all the more ego-based, vanity-driven, and intense.)

Venus opposes Jupiter about once a year as a rule. But we get the combination of Venus in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer only about once every dozen years or so. (The last time we had this combination was November 15, 1989 ... when a tight configuration of Venus, Neptune, and Saturn all at 10° Capricorn opposed Jupiter at 10° of Cancer.)

Just in general, Venus oppositions throw the spotlight of attention directly on emotional, marital, financial, and interpersonal issues, Venus being the metaphor for our conduct and requirements in relationships. People with oppositions to Venus in their Natal Charts ... and all of us, during times when transiting Venus opposes other planets in the sky ... are overly sensitive, emotionally demanding, and loathe to observe proper boundaries.

When this energy is operating, people want "love," and care, and pampering, and indulgence ... without any requirements asked of them in return. It can denote extremely narcissistic and callous behavior where the excuse for almost any kind of interpersonal trespass is "If you really loved me, you'd take care of me / not upset me / give me my own way / do as I want / spoil me rotten without batting an eye / and not expect anything in return."

Venus in Capricorn by its very nature is looking for partners and relationships that will supply social standing, material wealth, business advancement, all the trappings of respectability and "class," and all the "correct" benefits and advantages that are traditionally revered and honored. It has all the splendor and ulterior agendas of a political alliance whenever it connects with partners ... especially when legal ties are involved.

Venus in Capricorn can have very little to do with the softer, romantic, intimate possibilities of this metaphor for love and marriage. Instead there is emphasis on "impressing others," doing one's duty, taking care of business, and meeting one's responsibilities. Venus in Capricorn defines "love" in terms of material resources ... not moonlight and roses. And sentimentality is virtually missing from this combination, even under the best of conditions.

Afflicted, Venus in Capricorn becomes extremely rigid, inflexible, demanding, and judgmental. This is an energy that puts a price tag on virtually everything and doggedly "keeps score" regarding "what you owe me!!!" Moreover, its pomposity, exaggerated pride and overt display of economic status, and claims of worth and "professional excellence" can topple from the self-aggrandizing to the patently ridiculous.

On its side of this equation, Jupiter oppositions highlight hypocritical, zealous, and affected philosophical postures ... often with religious overtones and grandiose gestures regarding money and generosity. Sometimes, but not always, money promised under such conditions is just that ... a promise, with nothing to back up its bragging when it comes times to deliver on the rhetoric. Other times, money can be showered into the situation with no controls on budget and spending considerations and a "the sky's the limit" mentality driving the purchasing decisions.

When this energy is operating, people show an attitude of "there's more where that came from," and act on choices where bombastic, flowery claims and overblown statements and promises made "simply for effect" have exceptional influence. There is a grandiosity to Jupiter energy out of control that can only be called "inflated and zealous." People take too much for granted, promise more than they will ultimately deliver -- for whatever reason, and expect to be judged on the nobility of their sentiments rather than the practical results of their behavior.

Jupiter in Cancer is fixated on family issues and comfort on a personal level, patriotic issues and outright chauvinism on a grander scale. The line between pride in family, heritage, tradition, and ancestry on the one side and the support of offensive philosophical dogma, religious fanaticism, clannish ethnicity, and "spiritual righteousness" can become exceedingly fine.

Jupiter in Cancer is dedicated to expanding one's private life comforts (and often will prompt interest in home improvement and extension), to securing the safety of one's family (frequently with a touch of xenophobia in the mix ... an "us against them" ... and "don't trust outsiders" mentality), and offering benefits to those in one's family circle (with a real tendency to spoil one's "special people" by making life too cushy and too painless for them really grow and strengthen themselves through struggle and adversity).

Jupiter in Cancer shows love by making life "easy" and then feeling smugly blessed by its own generosity ... so much so that a sense of entitlement sets in, and a life posture of expecting way too much of one's circumstances and relationships coupled with a habit of promising way too much of oneself becomes the norm. (Jupiter in Cancer is the classic "rich kid who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.")

With this present confrontation with the Sun and Venus occurring now, you may see an attitude of expecting one's partners to "pick up the tab" for one's excessive spending and other extravagances, of overextending oneself for the sake of "image" -- both at home and in public, of making flamboyant promises without really considering what it will take to deliver the goods -- or of believing promises that are overblown beyond reason, of being self-important without good cause, or of expecting certain privileges and automatic concessions because of "one's position in life."

It is most definitely a week to watch your spending, show a little restraint and self-control in what you promise others, try to understand what your comforts and benefits may be costing someone else, and be careful of hiding behind your "image" and your "station" -- especially with regard to professional matters. None of these indulgences are apt to win you many friends. But at the same time, with these energies affecting everyone ... you could fall victim to these as part of someone else's game. At the very least, you can expect the invitation to play!

Remember, though, the bills will come due somewhere, somehow ... so you'd better keep track of what your own "generosity" ... or your belief in the overstated pledges of others ... could be costing you in the end. The potential to "dig yourself in deep" ... is considerable right now.

An extra thought to ponder:

This energy can also indicate a willingness to be "flattered" into giving someone something, offering a gift, making a gesture, accepting a benefit, or accepting empty honors and applause that would not normally be so seductive. This can be a very ulterior, manipulative, self-congratulatory energy that invites you to look at Styrofoam ... and convince yourself it's whipped cream -- perhaps for the sake of seeming popular or gaining the "favor" of someone who is really playing you for a fool.

It's just another point to consider.


* Articles in the extensive series "Things to Know About" are constructed from information originally published in Step-by-Step, our Premium Members several-times a week Astrology Ezine. This Ezine has been continuously published since late November 2001. The material is published here mostly for my convenience. It is not intended to be finished, organized, polished or even complete. Some of it may be notes that don't even make a lot of sense, but you're welcome to look at it.

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