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Things to Know About Venus Square Uranus

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

From Apr 2002*

Venus Square to Uranus

Venus in Taurus (redoubled emphasis on relationships, financial affairs, possessions) has moved into square aspect with Uranus in Aquarius (redoubled emphasis on surprises, instability, upsets). A square angle is an indication of frustration, aggravation, impatience, and over-stimulation.

Obviously this can add a not-altogether-welcome note of irritability and sudden changes to both your relationships and your financial life -- places where one does not ordinarily relish such moments. There are of course, always two sides to every expression of energy, but squares usually place their emphasis on the annoying, abrasive potential for problems they contain.

Venus square to Uranus brings in a mood of unpredictability and edginess that can really chafe at being confined to the status quo. The desire for more freedom, more variety, more contacts, more adventure, and more "eccentricity" (to put it kindly) can clearly disrupt the familiar routines of established relationships and connections. While granted, both parties are subject to these feelings and this energy now, neither one may be thrilled to hear, "Honey, I love you bunches, but I'd sure like a little something on the side. Just a little fling ... you know?"

This is, however, exactly where fantasies can lead during this time of promoting shake-ups, independence, and "new experiences." Life may throw some awfully nice "food for fantasy" in your direction over the next couple of weeks, and relationships that have become too confining, too humdrum, too predictable will suffer the most disruption from this parade of possibilities.

Uranus, however, trades on what is unusual, unique, and often inappropriate -- so while the fantasies of greener pastures and the relationships these visions could spawn may be exciting, the likelihood these will settle down into something reliable is virtually nil. Yes, relationships formed with this energy in its make-up can continue ... but they will always be unsettled, unreliable, and troublesome -- especially for those who want partners who behave themselves and play by "the normal rules". This energy turns rebellious and prickly at the mere mention of routine.

Sometimes this can offer a breath of freshness to partnerships that have grown stale -- prompting a little experimentation and dabbling in "the different" ... but that's not the usual calm, fun result. Relationships won't necessarily explode now from hurtful revelations and too much acting out of one's fantasy life -- but the potential for significant shake-ups is present, especially if your natal chart contains anything near 28° of a fixed sign -- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius..

The same cautions apply now to your financial life. This energy can bring surprising expenses -- often involving things that could be called "accidents," unusual things to have to spend your money on (and often in unusual amounts, which can also be a problem.) But it can also indicate the opportunity for a purchase that has an almost magnetic appeal -- an impulsive, out-of-character purchase that may be quite exciting for a while, but whose allure is short-lived.

When this energy moves on, you may wonder what on earth got into you. Still, it is possible to really enjoy this energy, if you can let its results appeal to the pioneer -- or the eccentric in you. This combination also lends itself nicely to outlandish self-indulgence and the willingness to "try anything once." To say this energy nourishes the Free Kid and the Inner Clown is completely true ... and hand in hand they may have a right jolly time. But putting them in charge of your checkbook -- or bringing home the results to your partner with a sheepish grin and a plea for mercy ... well, that could be another story.


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  Astrology in Action  

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