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Polarities in Astrology
Working with the Energy of Opposites
Part 2

by Annabelle Leigh


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Opposites attract ... until they don't

The very things they found attractive in one another soon become sore points and bones of contention. To see life from the perspective of an opposite partner is to see everything through an entirely different lens. Even when it's not skewed to the point of being unrecognizable, even when you can agree with their points in principle, living with them is a different story.

It's so easy to just go on automatic pilot and behave "naturally" -- doing exactly the things that are apt to create a storm and resentment. It's unrealistic to think you can stop and think about what you're doing every minute of the day, but those "stop and think" moments are a requirement for success in life with an opposite partner. If you can understand where s/he's coming from and why ... it helps tremendously.

If you can see how each of you are trying to achieve the same thing in different ways -- and going about it along paths the other would never take, approve of ... or even consider, you can maybe stop seeing your partner as "the enemy" and start seeing him as another builder working from a totally different blueprint.

So, if you're working with an opposite partner -- in business, in friendship, in life, in marriage, whatever -- try to see how you share many similarities, values and common traits, and realize the conflict comes because you don't agree on what to do with them, where to apply them, how to turn them into results, how to approach problems from those perspectives ... or even what they basically mean.

(Most people, if you ask them, "What are your basic values?" will stammer and stumble around ... and if they come up with an answer at all, it may not contain a lot of reliable truth. It's the sort of thing you have to think about, observe and act on ... and most people aren't up for that. Just the "thinking" part is a tough hurdle.)


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Cooperation is key

But when working with an opposite partner -- or anyone you want to get along with -- such conscious awareness is vital. (Of course, you can always decide you've had enough, this rotten rascal you're constantly fighting with just isn't worth all the stress ... in which case, this conversation and these tactics are moot.) But also realize, each option is a choice ... and you get to decide.

We all work with opposite energies all the time -- at least once a month when the Full Moon arrives and kicks up a ruckus. But opposite energies can form among all the transiting planets, between planets in the sky and your Natal placements, in your Natal chart as a permanent fixture, or between your chart and the other person's. It's virtually impossible to escape them. So figuring out how to work with them can be a giant personal step.

One huge virtue of Astrology is it gives you a starting place ... a headstart on where to begin the conversation -- a thread to pull as you try to unravel the knots -- whether the other person is part of the effort or not. One person with insight is better than nothing. Two is stupendous, but you can't control that -- so don't count on it.

If Astrology offers explanations and answers (and it will,) and helps roll rocks out of the path you and the other have decided to travel, it can be priceless. Another reason to study this -- or at least have a decent Astrologer on call. You never know when another "learning experience" is liable to strike.


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