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Polarities in Astrology
Working with the Energy of Opposites
Part 1

by Annabelle Leigh


  full moon  Lost Among the Stars  

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Full Moons and trouble

Pretty much every Full Moon article I've written opens with a warning. When Full Moons arrive, we deal with problems, conflicts, challenges, the need to compromise, the demand for choices. Full Moons are notorious for prompting with unruly behavior in real life ... and we don't escape the stress by staying home. We're part of the chaos, and where it exists, we have to deal with it.

Full Moons show inner issues, serious disagreements between two of our Inner Selves, differing values, squabbles about what's important ... and why ... and what we should do about it. Astrology frames this conversation as a clash of polarities -- the energy of opposites. Visually the horoscope is a circular graphic of twelve Zodiac signs, each sign matched to one of twelve houses.

It's a way of dividing the Zodiac to make it easier to describe, easier to grasp what's going on there. Theoretically. But it still takes some explaining -- and the occasional adjustment to arrange things differently and further divide them. (The horoscope is only one way of categorizing the Zodiac signs.)

Now ... instead of twelve separate houses, let's notice there are actually six pairs of wedges -- six pairs of signs -- meeting at one spot in the middle -- like knife blades ... and flaring out into triangles of space and possibility, like the loops of a bow. It's actually a very clever arrangement. (Kudos to the anonymous inventor.)

Each Zodiac sign is one part of a polarity; it has another sign that comprises the other half. Astrology considers these partners to be "opposites," but that's a fairly rudimentary concept. It's not quite as stark ... and much more complex ... than that definition suggests. Yes, when you look at these pairs of signs on the surface, they seem to be diametrical opposites. You see instantly why they don't get along.


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Similar but different

Aries is brash and impatient; Libra is devoted to harmony, "being nice," cooperating and working with partners. Taurus is stubborn, materialistic and promotes stability ... practically at any cost or inconvenience; Scorpio is a revolutionary who blows things up with the aim to improve them. You can see where this is going -- and why there's stress in a union of opposites. (Or a proposed one. Some don't last long.)

But if you dig down into the attitudes and assets of opposite signs, you'll find they're often exceedingly similar. They simply view and work with raw materials differently. They create different results; they seem to champion different values, but circle around to the center and you'll see how they balance and complete one another. Each will compensate for the extremes of behavior that can be the others' undoing.

Each sign is necessary. Each sign has a vital place to fill and part to play in the creation of reality. Each has strengths the other lacks; each sees the the edge of the cliff coming up when the other goes to extremes and that opposite sign has the power to grab the wheel and prevent a disaster. Tell me that's not an asset to cherish!!

Yet, day to day, in most relationships between Astrological opposites, there will be constant conflict -- usually over petty stuff, to the point that partners may decide ... no matter how much they love each other, no matter how much they try to make it work, the bottom line simply is they can't get along.

It is possible to work this out, of course, because there is tremendous promise and potential in such an alliance. But, oh, Lord, it takes maturity, perspective, perseverance and wisdom. And determination at a level few people command. The opportunity for personal growth is amazing. The chances the two will decide to shake hands and go their separate ways ... may be virtually a given.


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  full moon  Lost Among the Stars  


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