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Serenity by Starlight
How to Use the Void-of-Course Moon

by Serenity Chappell


Take time out

Sooo, what can you do while the Moon is void-of-course ... besides stay under the covers and wait for deliverance??? Well, it's a good time to tend to routine chores, like cleaning, filing, sorting, organizing, minor maintenance work -- things that if they get done, great!! But if they don't get done until "later" ... it doesn't really matter.

Catch up on your reading, work crossword puzzles, take a walk, bathe the dog, play with your kids, watch videos, weed the garden, kick back, meditate, reminisce, relax, let life flow on over you until things back on track. Don't make any important decisions, and don't let yourself get pressured into anything.


Be patient ... and be still

When the Moon is void-of-course, drift, muse, and look inward. Open yourself to creative new possibilities and inspirations you can act on later when things realign themselves and you can evaluate your ideas rationally.

Brainstorm on problems; do free-flow journal writing. Psychotherapy, creative visualization exercises, yoga, dream work, even taking a nap (so you can work on inner dream levels) are all fabulous things to do while the Moon is void-of-course.

Don't act. Don't decide. Don't initiate. Don't conclude. And don't expect anything to happen either.


Drift and dream

Reflect. Ponder. Mull. Contemplate. Speculate. Consider. Fantasize. Daydream. Assimilate. Ask "What if ...???" And let your mind wander where it will to bring you back answers and possibilities.

If you take these opportunities for the moments of limbo and re-centering they can be, you'll see the Moon void-of-course as a chance for some blessed down-time instead of just another rock in the road you have to get around.

Try it. It works.


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