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Mercury and the Miracle of the Mind
Part 1

by Celeste L. Walker


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As an Astrologer I see both the mundaneness of common knowledge -- handling the basic facts of awareness and everyday rituals -- and a touch of miracles in Mercury. In Astrology, this planet named for the winged messenger of the gods represents your conscious human mind, the part of you that makes you a member of the most intelligent species on the planet, the part of you that makes you human -- and sometimes fallible.

But it's also the part that lets you see yourself as both limited and godlike in your being -- one step below the angels maybe, but aware of your own potential ... and eager to close the gap. You can see yourself as all this ... and at the same time ... as simply human.

Think about it -- no irony intended. Even without moving into the realm of mysticism and other-worldliness, your mind sets you apart from everything -- even all other humans -- as special. You are totally unique -- unlike any other creature or human on earth. Your perceptions, experiences and interpretation of what life is about, your place in it and what you think about who you are ... these are yours alone.

Your mind also speaks to you of what you've done and what has happened to you. It sets you apart from everyone who is or ever was -- or will be. You -- and all the things that made you -- will never be replicated. Even you, in thirty seconds will be different from the You you are right now.

Your mind is a major component of letting that happen. Your mind is one of the most vital tools you have, the thing that defines you, the things that makes all of this -- all of it -- possible at all. It's hard to say it strongly enough, and yet there are people who overlook the mind, who misuse and abuse it, who let it go to waste, who use it for purposes whereby it might be better if left to rot.

There are even Astrologers who discount what it is, and what it does and the power it has and that it gives you just by being part of the package that places you in the world. Like Rodney Dangerfield, the comedian who for decades "got no respect," your mind -- far too often -- can make the same claim ... and mean it.

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