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Working with What Works ...
Until something better comes along

by Rebecca Brents


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It's not "the stars" ...

I can understand why logical, rational people meeting the ideas of astrology for the first time (or the fifth time ... or the twentieth) without looking deeper would consider it all a bunch of claptrap. Yes, it can seem arbitrary and shallow, just a silly parlor game, which makes those of us so taken by it look like deluded, superstitious fools.

Some astrologers, too, don't help, insisting "the stars" -- or more correctly "the planets" -- really do influence human events. Even I draw the line there. The planets simply circle in their orbits and whatever else is going on with them, meddling in human designs isn't part of it. So I can't defend astrology when skeptics attack some of its foundations, because ... well, I agree with them.

Nevertheless, something is going on here, because Astrology works ... when you know what you're doing. But we aren't describing this "something" accurately. In fact, for reasons I won't try to explain here, trying to impose some planetary order on it -- that whole concept -- is becoming a little ... forced.

The planets in the sky no longer align with what the planets in the Zodiac are doing ... and yet definite, predictable, repeating cycles of experience remain valid. We need another system of thought to explain this -- because it is very real and very useful. But that project doesn't interest me.

Being a pragmatist, I'll work with Astrology, flaws and all, because it's "close enough" to be mighty accurate, until something better comes along that does the same fine job and makes better sense in theory. For now, I'll note that there's a personal growth cycle -- Sun energy, and an emotional growth cycle -- Moon energy, and an intellectual development cycle -- Mercury energy.

There's also a social and financial cycle -- Venus energy, and an action-and-ambition cycle -- Mars energy. There's a philosophical and Karmic harvest cycle -- Jupiter energy, and a restriction and Karmic commitment cycle -- Saturn energy. There's an independence-and-originality cycle -- Uranus energy, a spiritual restoration and wisdom cycle -- Neptune energy, and a revolution-and-renovation cycle -- Pluto energy.

They each proceed at different rates through the stages of creation from inception and action (Aries) through transcendence and release (Pisces.) To see, work with and understand these is to live a richer, more meaningful, more conscious and coherent life, and to appreciate your own experience of and contribution to it ... in your world and the world. (At least that's how it is for me.)

The Sun's journey through each Zodiac sign every year touches all the bases in the sequence of creation. So does everyone, consciously or not. Somewhere, your soul does, too.


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What is the Zodiac? ---> The Zodiac is an imaginary belt in the heavens approximately 20 degrees wide, containing the path of the Sun, the Moon and that of the principle Planets in this Solar System with the occasional exception of Pluto.

What is a Horoscope? -- Astrology's Most Essential Tool ---> Sometimes this word is used to designate the forecast or prediction of events based on the alignment of planets in the sky at any given time. As such, it has been seriously abused and twisted by the popularized (and usually meaningless and sappy) "fortune-cookie" versions that appear in newspaper features and other products we all know so well.

The Sun in General -- Your Essential Self of Power, Will, Vitality and Ambition ---> The essence of you -- In Astrology, The Sun represents your basic core identity. It gives information about the qualities of your ego, your individual self-expression, your self-image and your sense of personal identity.

The Sun in Astrology -- The Central Star in the Horoscope -- Its Meaning and Significance ---> The central player -- A simple and very general way of working with Astrology centers on the fact that the Sun is the central feature of a horoscope. There is a whole industry of mainstream astrology built around this idea, from the little three line "daily horoscopes" in newspapers and magazines to the little dime-store booklets that purport to "tell you more" about who you are, using your Sun sign characteristics as the basis of their information.

The Moon in General -- Your Inner Self of Feelings, Emotions and Intuition ---> Welcome to your inner world -- In Astrology, The Moon represents our inner feelings, our emotions ... and our deep security needs. It reflects our basic habits, instincts and automatic reactions. It speaks to some elements of our Karma and childhood home, our upbringing, family background and specifically our relationship with our mother (or major mother figure from the past.) The Inner Self fueled by your Moon energy wants you to feel safe, protected, emotionally supported and "at home."


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  astrology  Celestial Navigation  500 Words or Less  


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