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by Rebecca Brents


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Yods are a distinctive pattern of aspects created when two planets (or placements such as the Ascendant or Mid-Heaven) which are sextile to one another also are both inconjunct to a third planet / placement ... which then forms the base of a "Y" configuration. On paper, in a Natal Chart for instance, the Y-shape of a yod is quite distinctive. Its meaning is, as well, though for a long time it was overlooked -- even ignored as having any significance.

Older Astrology texts taught that inconjuncts were a minor aspect, that you didn't have to worry about them much. Time, Life and experience, however, have convinced me they are anything but ... trivial. As you might expect, a yod, with its two-inconjuncts-in-relationship-to-one-another properties, doubles-down on the "meaning" it brings to a chart ... and modern astrologers consider the presence of a yod in a chart significant indeed. The yod, in fact, has such respect it has been called The Finger of God. With that title, it does start to sound pretty impressive.

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