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* Capricorn
The Attitudes and Interests
of the 10th Zodiac Sign

by Rebecca Brents


manor house

Building, organizing, stabilizing,
making things permanent and reliable

Capricorn contains a set of attitudes and perspectives that are closely aligned with the interests of Saturn and of the Natural 10th House. As the Sun (or any planet for that matter) transits Capricorn, all these basically merge and come up for for attention.

You'll see them in your views, opinions and behavior, in the attitudes and concerns of the people around you. You see them in the situations you deal with -- and in the lessons you learn ... which, of course, are part of conscious living. The more you are aware of these, the more complete your experience. This is why Astrology can be such a rich and valuable asset.


Capricorn's Positive Attitudes

* Ambitious, purposeful
* Concerned with duty, performance
* Values authority & chain of command
* Business-like, career-minded, professional
* Conservative, cautious, careful, orderly
* Resolved, determined, dogged, diligent
* Self-disciplined, sensible, realistic
* Responsible, industrious, organized
* Patient, pragmatic, practical, frugal
* Productive, provident, prudent, law-abiding
* Calculating, reserved, security-minded
* Concerned with habit, tradition, rules


Saturn's Interests

* Getting organized, setting up structure
* Making things permanent
* Fortifying, strengthening, building
* Preparing for the future
* "Getting through lean times"
* Setting prudent, sensible goals
* Working through step-by-step methods
* Playing by the rules
* Observing regulations & limits
* Making something of yourself
* Contributing to society
* "Earning your keep"
* Being mature, grown-up
* Being realistic, conservative
* "Fitting in," doing as you're taught & told
* Being frugal, "making do", doing without
* Working with severe restrictions & limits
* Tackling long-terms projects, working hard
* Deferring rewards, gratification
* Meeting your responsibilities
* Keeping your commitments
* Stepping into leadership
* Shouldering your obligations
* "Doing your duty" "paying your dues,"
* Building foundations, systems built to last
* Realizing your dreams in spite of setbacks
* Working with "reality," accepting "what is"



Capricorn's Negative Attitudes

* Callous, cold, cynical, hateful
* Pessimistic, depressive, insecure
* Judgmental, critical, suspicious
* Limiting, restrictive, sets boundaries
* Narrow-minded, stingy, miserly
* Harsh, mean-spirited
* Status-conscious, social climber
* Repressed, risk-averse, reactionary
* Too conservative, distant, aloof
* Insensitive, unemotional, unresponsive


10th House Territory

* Your public life, communal status
* Your profession & career
* Matters of prestige & reputation
* What you contribute to the world
* Your public life / public identity
* Your community standing
* Your legacy, your image
* What you do with your life & assets
* "What you stand for"
* What you advocate as things of value
* What you believe has lasting importance
* Things strongly associated w/ your father
* Patriarchy & tradition, "authority"
* Government, big business, corporations
* The military, police, the legal system



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* Capricorn Signatures -- Hidden indications of major Capricorn energy -- in your horoscope, in your character -- ... or in a situation ---> Capricorn is about things that are solid. Things that last. ---> Are you a Capricorn in disguise? ---> Of course having the Sun in Capricorn is a powerful indicator of strong Capricorn energy in a person's character -- or in a situation.

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* The New Moon in Capricorn -- Capricorn Energy in the Creative Process ---> The last of the Earth Signs ---> Ah, Capricorn!! The last and most action oriented of the Earth Signs. Things that are nurtured and earned in Taurus, tended to and perfected in Virgo ... are finally established and solidified in Capricorn.

* Born with the Sun in Capricorn -- The Capricorn Character ---> Reputation is everything! ---> If there's a party animal anywhere in your character, it comes from somewhere other than your Capricorn energy. The Capricorn part of you was born sober, and grown up, and knowing how to behave. That Capricorn part of you wouldn't tie one on or wear a silly paper hat at gunpoint. There's bound to be a camera somewhere in the room ... or a lurking reporter. Or the local gossip.

When the Sun is in Capricorn -- December 21 to January 19 ---> Doing what it takes to get through ---> When the Sun is in Capricorn, people are conservative, deliberate, dignified and determined. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter, after all -- and everyone needs to make it from here to Spring. Consequently, actions and attitudes are frugal, methodical, organized and steady. The mood is serious, practical, responsible, and prudent.


* Earth Element -- The Earth Signs ---> The Earth Signs in Astrology ---> The Earth Signs of the Zodiac are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. There is one Earth Sign for each of the Qualities -- Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Taurus is Fixed Earth. Virgo is Mutable Earth. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth. Earth Signs are concerned with supplying, investing, building, or creating the practical substance and support systems to nourish the inspirations and new beginnings produced by Fire Sign energy.

* The Earth Signs -- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn ---> Earth Signs take care of practicalities ---> The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn represent energy that is directly concerned with practical issues, physical substance, financial matters, and the "business" of living. This energy supports, nourishes, stabilizes, and promotes growth -- especially growth on investments.

* Earth, Wind and Fire ... and Water -- Compatibility in the Zodiac ---> An Introduction ---> Every astrologer hears the question: What signs am I compatible with? The person asking wants a list of three or four answers they can count on ... often to solve problems much larger than just a cluster of incompatible associates.

About the Cardinal Signs -- Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn -- The Movers and Shakers of the Zodiac ---> Fire, Earth, Air and Water ---> One for each element ---> There are four Cardinal Signs in the Zodiac, one for each of the elements. Aries is Cardinal Fire. Cancer is Cardinal Water. Libra is Cardinal Air. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth. Each marks the start of a new season. The beginning of Aries marks the Spring Equinox.




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