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The Cancer-From-Gemini Cusp Born Person
June 22 to June 27

by Rebecca Brents


  born on the cusp  gemini  cancer  

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Want to find a caring, sensitive, intuitive spirit with a good head on her shoulders, but you think that's a contradiction in terms? Well, the Cancer-from-Gemini Cusp Born person might fill that order nicely ... and change your mind about how reasoning and emotions don't mix.

This complicated -- and yes, sometimes paradoxical -- energy blend has moved fully into intuition's camp ... but the lessons of logical Gemini are still fresh enough to be right at hand.

* Born with the Sun in Gemini | * Born with the Sun in Cancer


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Smart & sassy, but compassionate & caring

The Cancer-from-Gemini spirit will be a bit more analytical, dispassionate, and curious as opposed to empathetic in her conduct of relationships, and more innovative and willing to experiment with new concepts than is common with Cancer's markedly traditional ideas.

She has a bright mind, maybe even a brilliant mind ... and she may be able to tie you up in knots with conversational repartee so quick and incisive it's like trying to keep up with Robin Williams when he's on a roll. But you'll never know if you don't take a chance and break the ice.


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* Born on the Cusp in Astrology -- The Technical Explanation ---> A cusp is an edge ---> A cusp, in architecture, physiology, dentistry ... and astrology, is a point where two things touch, intersect, or fit together -- one against the other. In astrology the point of the "cusp" is more abstract ... referring to the place in the continuum of the Zodiac or in a paper chart where a change occurs between one sign and the next or one house and the next. In the circular chart of a horoscope -- the document an astrologer uses to read a person's character and the themes and trends of his life ...

* Were You Born on the Cusp? -- Examples all around the Zodiac ---> Pisces / Aries / Taurus ---> The self-sacrificing, mystical, artistic, and usually peace-loving Pisces-to-Aries person will sometimes be surprisingly temperamental, impatient, aggressive, and daring, with an unmistakable warrior energy camouflaged, as a rule, by the normally passive, spiritual qualities of her Pisces sign. The dynamic, forceful, audacious, candid, and often confrontational Aries-from-Pisces person will also live a rich inner life where those mystical Pisces interests are nurtured and cultivated ....

* What Does It Mean to be 'Born on the Cusp?' -- Bridging from one sign to the next ---> Don't get technical on me, ok? ---> Being "born on the cusp" to most people means a birthday (usually their own) falls on or about the 21st of the month. This is approximately the day the Sun changes from one sign to another in the Zodiac, although calendars and other human structures being what they are, even that causes confusion. Sometimes the date is the 19th; sometimes the 23rd. People don't understand the discrepancies and may wonder for years which sign they actually are.


Aries Cusp

* The Aries-From-Pisces Cusp-Born Person -- March 20 to March 25 ---> Where spirituality intersects initiative ---> The dynamic, forceful, audacious, candid, and often confrontational Aries-from-Pisces person lives a rich inner life where those mystical Pisces interests are nurtured and cultivated ... and he will show a distinctly spiritual perspective where "going the extra mile" to help another is also one of the rules he lives by. The essence of this character is confident, positive, ambitious, energetic, and full of initiative, but the powerful secondary personality ....

* The Aries-to-Taurus Cusp-Born Person -- April 16 to April 20 ---> Calming down ... mellowing out ---> The energetic, spirited, bold, colorful, cantankerous Aries-to-Taurus person will have a gentle, persistent, and luxury-loving side to his character. He will have his notoriously assertive and pushy Aries character tempered (sometimes unexpectedly so) by the steadier, less impulsive, more patient, and, ...ok, kinder qualities of Taurus. As the dynamic, initiating energy of Aries matures and mellows, it becomes more comfortable in its use of assertiveness and power.


Taurus Cusp

* The Taurus-From-Aries Cusp-Born Person -- April 21 to April 25 ---> An interesting mix of laid-back and aggressive ---> As a person whose birthday falls in the time of transition between one sign and another, you have an interesting and complex energy combination powering your basic character. As a citizen of this borderland, you literally have one foot in two worlds, with an array of different strengths and character qualities -- some of them contradictory, and some unique problems in your personality that surface whenever you are under a lot of stress.

* The Taurus-to-Gemini Cusp-Born Person -- May 17 to May 21 ---> Taurus to Gemini May 17 to May 21 ---> The placid, temperate, long-suffering, hedonistic, and stubborn Taurus-to-Gemini person will be more intellectual and versatile than his earlier born star-siblings. He will devote considerable study and attention to more diverse interests, and (often under stress) will show a tense, high-strung quality that is not typical of the tolerant, determined way Taurus handles pressure.


Gemini Cusp

* The Gemini-From-Taurus Cusp-Born Person -- May 20 to May 25 ---> Betwixt & between ---> The Gemini-from-Taurus soul will be slower to change his mind and adopt new ideas than is typical for Geminis generally. However, he may not handle large volumes of information as easily as his later-born star siblings ... and will be more comfortable with one answer instead of needing the list of options and facts most Gemini's want to choose from. In fact "one solid answer" to almost anything suits him fine ... and he'll hang onto it for dear life!

* The Gemini-To-Cancer Cusp-Born Person ---> The Gemini-to-Cancer Cusp-Born Character ---> Want to see a great blend of logic and emotion in action? This combination of Gemini-brains and Cancer-feelings is maybe the best example going. This intricate cusp-born character has Gemini's mind-based way of looking at the world, dissecting its information, and putting together a crisp, clean, multi-faceted perspective down cold. He may have one of the most agile and interesting minds you have ever met ... and the ability to captivate you with conversation on more topics than you'll find in many libraries.


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  born on the cusp  gemini  cancer  


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