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The Cancer-to-Leo Cusp-Born Person
July 17 to July 22

by Rebecca Brents


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Recluse to Icon

This personality is making the change from the empathetic, moody, highly sensitive energy of Cancer to the more outgoing, intense, public awareness of Leo. It doesn't even sound like an easy trip.

The change from homebody to public figure and celebrity can be uncomfortable and exhausting, often confusing the person himself and the people around him who are trying to get a fix on his real identity.


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Private to Public

The blend of Cancer moving into Leo takes one of the Zodiac's most ingenuous, unassuming, and inherently shy signs ... and pushes it firmly toward the spotlight of public attention, asking it to become more outgoing, more self-confident, more out there onstage ... where it can be noticed. For any soul with strong Cancer energy in his character and background, this task is daunting.

Coming as it does from a background that emphasizes the gentle, sympathetic Water sign qualities of "everybody's Mother," which Cancer most emphatically is ... the sudden prospect of so much exposure can seem not so much a mixed blessing ... but more like an agonizing command performance to someone not overly thrilled at the opportunity from the first!


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New demands, new surroundings

The protective, nurturing qualities of Cancer -- for someone so used to having a shell to pull back into, used to being able to indulge her moods and fret to her heart's content in private -- may quickly swing into action just to protect herself from experiences that are simply too intense in their "Leo demands."

The Leo character is nothing if not comfortable onstage, perpetually (even obsessively) in the limelight, and constantly working on self-promotion.


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Between security and the spotlight

The evolving Cancer-to-Leo personality will certainly need huge helpings of self-assurance to get over her stage fright. She will need to learn to "get out of the house" ... and assume the colorful leadership positions that are her impending future. But the transition in this life of betwixt-and-between will not be comfortable ... or smooth.

The result will be a constant dithering back-and-forth between the shy, reticent, conservative Cancer empath ... getting sufficient "private time" to feel secure in her public life ... and the sometimes awkward forays into the dramatic, flashy showman (or woman!!) preparing to step into flamboyant Leo's shoes and wear them with style!!


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But still having a place to call home

Onlookers can start to feel they're watching a strange show of shape-shifting as this personality reveals itself, then conceals itself, vacillates between public persona and private recluse, and often seems more schizoid than sane.

Inside her family circle, and in other settings where she feels safe and has experience, this delightfully complicated character can, indeed, be the engaging, proud star of the show ... happily improvising in whatever script she's chosen to perform.



Taking things one step at a time

But this same person can insist, in all seriousness, that she could just never introduce a speaker from the podium or emcee a benefit presentation if her life depended on it. She's not lying ... and she's not trying to be difficult.

She's just not willing to step that far into the limelight yet ... and until she is, you'll have to love her in the role of "reluctant star" or "shrinking violet" ... whichever she is at the moment ... until she's ready to announce that she's ready for that close-up, Mr. De Mille.


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