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* The Pisces-From-Aquarius Cusp-Born Person

by Rebecca Brents


  born on the cusp  pisces  

walkway into the sea
Aquarius is an Air Sign / Pisces is a Water Sign


The Pisces-from-Aquarius cusp born person is the Apprentice Mystic, pulling away from the secular world for a time of much needed (and probably long overdue) spiritual retreat. That may sound like a wonderful idea.

Used properly, this will be a very nourishing and instructive life ... but it may be far from easy, and not nearly as quiet in terms of progress and productivity than it sounds from the descriptive brochures.

She's still got a hatful of ideas and dreams she'd like to see take place in the material world, projects that, if implemented, would make a much better life for everyone ... her friends, her children, her grandchildren, people she will never ever meet.

The world itself would be a better place for all this vision ... but she's pushed all she can on the matter for now. What's still not done will have to be finished by the work of other willing hands. She herself needs some time to learn and master more effective ways of working ... period.

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moon over mountain lake

The spirit of Aquarius

There's a cool, detached not-quite-of-this-world aura surrounding Aquarius. Their range of expression is amazing. That itself is characteristic of the sign. Aquarius energy is off-beat, unconventional and highly erratic. Star children of this sign range from personalities that are so ditzy you can barely deal with them ... to clearly cerebral geniuses whose minds don't seem to be made for this world.

In between (on that blessed sacred middle ground where the rest of us live), you'll find insightful, visionary intellectuals who think on a different level, whose eyes are fixed on tomorrow's horizon and who can hold a conversation with you that will change the way you see yourself, the way you look at the world and the way you think about ... pretty much everything.

Aquarius would smile and say that's his purpose. So ... mission accomplished.

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* Born with the Sun in Aquarius


overcast at the sea

The spirit of Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. It is hands down the most complex sign, and in so many poignant and painful ways, it is the least understood and the least appreciated.

The compound irony of this is that Pisces energy, infused as it is with layer upon layer of insight, multi-dimensional meaning, and profound depth of knowledge, is virtually obsessed with understanding and appreciating Life ... existence, conscious and unconscious awareness, pure beingness ... in all its facets and possibilities.

Pisces is the sum total of all the previous wisdom gained through the experience of each preceding sign ... Aries through Aquarius.

The knowledge gathered -- the diamonds, the dings, and everything in between -- comes back to the Source in Pisces ... to rest and heal, to be assimilated, to be processed into "meaning" -- so that the new starts, the coming initiations, the launching of new projects and adventures in Aries ... have a foundation of infinite value behind them.

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* Born with the Sun in Pisces


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Aquarius & Pisces

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Born on the Cusp

* Born on the Cusp in Astrology -- The Technical Explanation ---> A cusp is an edge ---> A cusp, in architecture, physiology, dentistry ... and astrology, is a point where two things touch, intersect, or fit together -- one against the other. In astrology the point of the "cusp" is more abstract ... referring to the place in the continuum of the Zodiac or in a paper chart where a change occurs between one sign and the next or one house and the next.

* Were You Born on the Cusp? -- Examples all around the Zodiac ---> Pisces / Aries / Taurus ---> The self-sacrificing, mystical, artistic, and usually peace-loving Pisces-to-Aries person will sometimes be surprisingly temperamental, impatient, aggressive, and daring, with an unmistakable warrior energy camouflaged, as a rule, by the normally passive, spiritual qualities of her Pisces sign.

* What Does It Mean to be 'Born on the Cusp?' -- Bridging from one sign to the next ---> Don't get technical on me, ok? ---> Being "born on the cusp" to most people means a birthday (usually their own) falls on or about the 21st of the month. This is approximately the day the Sun changes from one sign to another in the Zodiac, although calendars and other human structures being what they are, even that causes confusion.



* Celebrating Aquarius -- The 5 most distinctive / admirable traits of the sign ---> Aquarius is the Winter Air Sign. ---> Aquarius is ... special. ---> There are twelve signs in the Zodiac, and each one is important. Each one is special. Each one is unique. As an Astrologer, I tell you this in the same way a mother will insist that of course, she loves all her children. (Equally.)

* The Intellectual Aquarius -- A mind where weirdness is welcomed, not wasted ---> Aquarius is the Zodiac's most cerebral sign. ---> One of the first things you'll notice when you meet an Aquarius is he thinks differently from everyone else. And if you've known an Aquarius -- or two or three or four, this new one won't think like any of them either.

* Understanding Aquarius -- The Zodiac's Radical Rebel ---> Giving "different" a whole new meaning ---> Understanding Aquarius. Hmmm. Do I really want to tackle that topic? Aquarius energy frankly takes some explaining. It's different than the mysteries of secretive Scorpio. And it's different than the other-worldly focus of sensitive, ethereal Pisces. Aquarius is ... well, different ... to the point that even defining how it is different is a problem.



* Celebrating Pisces -- The 5 most distinctive / admirable traits of the sign ---> Pisces is a Water Sign. ---> Reserved ---> The Pisces soul has a quiet, appealing presence full of unmistakable paradox -- serene and gentle. There's no way to miss it, if you know what you're looking for -- or looking at -- or experiencing on every subliminal broadcast channel you can sense. They are poised, peaceful ... a step or two back from the roiling business of real life ....

* The Art of Being Pisces -- The artist's search for self-expression ---> A means of escape ---> The notion of the tortured, starving, misunderstood, more-than-half-crazy artist unfortunately fits the logic of why so many Pisces find their way into the arts -- or long to give up their boring, mundane jobs in the commercial rat-race and lose themselves altogether in their world of fantasy and imagination.

* Pisces: The End of the Cycle -- A time of summing up, recovery and preparation ---> Visions of another world ---> Aquarians seem to live in a different world than the rest of us -- a world of the mind that is ever-changing, stuffed with wondrous possibilities and always entertaining. Pisces, however, takes that one step beyond. They inhabit a mysterious world of emotions, feelings, intuition and transcendence.

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  born on the cusp  pisces  


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