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What Is a Conjunction?

by Rebecca Brents


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Conjunctions are aspects in astrology where the planets or elements involved occupy approximately the same degree and minute of arc in the Zodiac. (In practice, an "orb of aspect" of 8 - 10 degrees is still considered a valid conjunction.)

  • I consider all conjunctions to be inherently beneficial and advantageous. (I discount the old-fashioned notion of "malefic" planets when dealing with a conjunction, although, of course, any planet's energy can be mistreated or misused. I consider this, though, to be much more a matter of personal will or personal choice than something inherent in the general energy of any specific planet.)

  • The elements in a conjunction offer one another help and support to do work or achieve mutual goals. They represent the powerful energy of united forces.

  • They are like friends and colleagues working together for the common good. (In fact, conjunct planets are like Siamese twins. You can't consider one ... the effects on it or the work it performs ... without simultaneously considering the other.)

  • Conjunctions contain general underlying "themes" of ...

    • focused, concentrated energy from at least two different character assets or "inner selves" in the personality
    • intense interest in achieving results, accomplishing work, making things happen in the interests of the Natal Chart house that holds the conjunction
    • character elements that reinforce or inevitably color one another's expression and behavior
    • substantial personal investments in the affairs of the house that contains the conjunction
    • substantial personal talents in the qualities represented by the sign that contains the conjunction
    • results produced in the house that contains the conjunction that fuels efforts and supports further results in the houses ruled by the planets involved in the conjunction (the houses with signs ruled by the conjunct planets on the cusps)


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  astrology  definitions  

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