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The Houses of the Horoscope
What life areas do your Natal Chart Houses rule?


Defining the Departments of Life

1st House = Personal presentation, the way you "come across" to the world, things you personally embody, stand for or promote; interests, traits and attitudes that define you; who you tell the world you are

2nd House = Personal wealth and material support; your abstract values; "what's important" to you; things you use to support yourself financially / psychologically / spiritually; attitudes and considerations that influence your purchases, set your financial priorities and characterize your possessions

3rd House = Personal ideas and communication style; the ideas and interests that appeal to you; how you handle knowledge and information; how you express yourself and your views; how you work with language; what you read, study, write and talk about


4th House = Personal foundations and family members; your physical home and living arrangements; your background, memories, heritage and influences from "the past;" things strongly associated with your mother (or primary mother figure) and her side of the family, your roots and ancestry; your private life and family concerns

5th House = Personal talents and creative gifts; things you use to promote yourself; how you attract attention or put yourself on stage; the results of your creative efforts -- including children and brain children; things you love to do; your leisure pursuits and hobbies; your interest in courtship and romance -- the kind of lover you are / the kind of lover you want; your attitudes toward risks and speculation

6th House = Personal work, what you do with your talents and abilities; your lifestyle and health; the attitudes you use to manage life's routines; how you do your job(s) and give service to others -- both for money and for love (because it's "your job"); influences on the lifestyle you choose; how you deal with health issues and physical maintenance


7th House = Your relationships; your connections to other people; your important alliances; public relations; teamwork ventures; partnerships; marriage; people you consider "your other half;" agents and legal representatives; how you work with the public in general

8th House = Investments; assets you contribute to efforts that involve you and other people ... ventures that aim to produce a profit; gains you receive from partners and associations; money and income earned other than through your direct labor; tangible and intangible assets that can be used by others -- investment capital, financial wealth, possessions, property, insurance, legacies, talents, connections, ideas, skills; the divestiture and dissolution of connections and structures that no longer suit you or serve a useful purpose, themes of death and resurrection; information you prefer to keep hidden and confidential

9th House = Expansion of your intellectual and cultural horizons; involvement with social thought and cultural standards; teaching-and-learning situations; areas of specialization and expertise; opportunities for higher learning, issues of morality, ethics and religion, the laws you live by, your capacity for sharing and generosity, the origins of positive Karma


10th House = Your public life; communal status, profession and career; matters of prestige and reputation; what you contribute to the world; your identity in the public mind; what you do with your life, efforts and energy; who you are and what you advocate as things of lasting importance; things strongly associated with your father (or primary father figure) and his side of the family

11th House = Long-term goals and dreams; friends, professional colleagues and networking contacts; the benefits received from your public life projects; your progressive ideas and humanitarian ideals; your efforts to build a better future; your vision of "tomorrow;" your connection to like-minded thinkers and activists; your concept of your place in "humanity"

12th House = Behind-the-scenes activities; planning and preparation; your subconscious mind; incubation and psychological processing: inspiration and creative expression; your psychological health; your need for rest and recuperation; your mystical involvements; experiences of seclusion, withdrawal, solitude and isolation (including voluntary separation for spiritual, creative or healing purposes ... and experiences with hospitalization, confinement or imprisonment); issues of healing, recuperation and recovery; retreat, meditation and reverie; dreams and visions; contact with The Divine Source; your spiritual principles and experiences; connection to your Higher Self and alternate levels of reality


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