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Notes on Oppositions

Oppositions point to relationship issues ... namely the need to balance your needs and interests against "someone else's needs and interests". In the dynamics that oppositions describe, a person is often getting "someone else" to perform a function for him that he is unable or unwilling to provide for himself on a conscious level -- so his subconscious choices draw the energy into his life through interaction with someone else.


Oppositions ... indicate projected energy and relationship problems. When dealing with oppositions, "other people" are the ones causing our problems ... because we often fail to recognize the energy they're expressing back at us that is really our own attitudes disguised and disowned.

If you were to ask your antagonists ... and trust they to give you an honest answer, they'd say you're the one with the problem. Because you're playing the same game of reflecting their disowned energy back to them.

Projections are complex and extremely confusing to those participants in the games this pattern depicts. The people onstage are locked into a narrow position, unable or unwilling to see the other side of the conflict as having anything to do with them whatsoever.

As they see it, their enemy is the whole problem. Period. It's the dispassionate observers who are best able to see the dynamics of an opposition that consists of two "sides" of a disagreement accusing the other of the very qualities, shortcomings, and "sins" they themselves show in much greater degree.


Oppositions deal with relationship issues, with all their complex projected energy. When coping with projections, we can be absolutely convinced that "other people" are causing our problems ... and often have plenty of examples to point to in our argument.

Projected energy is disowned energy. Habits, responses, attitudes, and behavior you have repressed, bottled up, neglected, cut off, or failed to accept as part of your conscious personality come back to you in the mirror of your experiences in the outside world.

They get your attention by making you uncomfortable, and like the orphaned and abandoned spiritual children that they are, these essential fragments of you ask for acceptance back into the center of yourself ... which is, after all, their source, the place they ultimately belong.


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