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Meet the Water Signs

by Rebecca Brents


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Meet the Water Signs

The Water Signs of the Zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. There is one Water Sign for each of the Qualities -- Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cancer is Cardinal Water. Scorpio is Fixed Water, and Pisces is Mutable Water.

Water Signs represent emotional, instinctive, and subconscious energy that is nurturing, healing, and transformative. They are feeling, sensitive, intuitive, responsive, protective, and passionate. It's fair to say Water Sign energy is the last word, the last step in each chapter of the creative process, as the "result" finishes one stage of maturity and moves on to the next.


The Next Step in the Cycle

Once Fire Sign energy has produced something worthwhile and Earth Sign energy has found a way to sustain and nourish it, Air Sign energy takes on the tasks of advertising its existence, acquiring feedback from other sources about its potential, learning more about it, devising ways to put it to novel and clever use, and expanding its possibilities through new ideas and better concepts.

Then it falls to the Water Signs to find meaning in what has been created, to process the experience not on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level -- thereby coming up with new levels of understanding that transcend that which can be achieved by conscious analysis or rational thought.


The realm of emotion

Water Signs comprehend experience on an emotional level and through gut feelings. They then incubate the momentum ... the inspiration ... to move creation to the next phase of expression ... the more sophisticated development available in the next Fire Sign experience.

There is one Water sign for each of the qualities. Water signs are one component in what astrologers call "The Elements" ... a way of grouping the Zodiac signs according to general personality type, temperament and perspective ... ways of engaging the world based on shared values and an automatic understanding of what others in the same category -- the same element -- consider essential in defining reality and determining what's important in life.

The Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Pisces is Mutable Water. Cancer is Cardinal Water, and Scorpio is Fixed Water.


winter pond


Cancer: is Everybody's Mother ... the person who sees protection of the family unit, the safety of home conditions, a sense of kinship and family solidarity, and access to empathy and understanding as the most essential elements needed to create a functioning, effective character.

He works to commingle lessons of the past with experiences of the present -- to provide a sequence of meaning by respecting and understanding traditions, ancestry, "roots," continuity, and history.

Cardinal Signs are proactive, dynamic and full of initiative. They believe in doing things to get what they want ... and make progress by changing the conditions that exist or building new ones from little more than their own willpower and thin air.



Scorpio: is the Catalytic Agent ... the person who takes what exists in the present, including "junk" and "recyclables" from the past ... and creates from these raw materials improvements for the future, products and possibilities that are often nothing short of miraculous.

His is the ability to see potential in what others have discarded, exhausted, cast aside, or "used up." He also cuts away what is extraneous, unnecessary, and inappropriate and renovates the remaining elements into "something of value" again ... using his talents, his managerial skills, and his vision of "what could be."

Fixed Signs are concerned with nourishment, stability and endurance. They are stubborn, willful and persistent. They believe in holding onto the gains they've made, following set plans and they dig in their heels to resist any pressures that ask them to change their course or objectives.



Pisces: is the Visionary Mystic ... the person able to see beyond the visual limits of what exists in the present, the past, and even the future and touch the inexpressible regions of spiritual significance that exist beyond the sensory data and material structures of the physical world.

He transcends things like boundaries, borders, and defined, rational reasoning ... to channel things like meaning, significance, revelation, remedial knowledge, symbolism, blessings, and the eternal message that we are immortal, infinite, and all part of Infinite Being.

Mutable Signs are flexible, adaptable, compliant, and accommodating. They are interested in organizing, collecting, cataloging, and assimilating the thoughts and concepts ... which are the very building-blocks of progress and reality.


  elements  cancer  scorpio  pisces  


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