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AAG Sun Pis 2017
Feb 19 to Mar 20 2017




Astrology at a Glance
What does it do & why is it important?

Astrology at a Glance is a Premium Members feature that examines the transits of the personal planets -- Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars -- as they pass through each successive sign during the year.

As the aspects form, it gives a bare-bones summary of each energy combination -- and what it means to accomplish. It shows you the totality of a planet's development and the work it does in its transit through its current sign.

Astrology at a Glance gives a short, concise look at how one thing leads to another as the planet's aspects unfold, and how these meetings eventually conclude with changed conditions ... preparing you and the Inner Self that planet represents for the next step in your evolutionary journey.

The summary below describes the work of The Sun in Pisces for 2017


Sun -- Just the Facts

The Essential Self -- self-image, self-identity, personal focus, willpower, ambition

Your Sun energy works to insure your personal growth. It defines who you are and lets you express that to the world. It supports your development as a spiritual being. It works to insure that you succeed in your life's direction and purpose.

Positively ---> dignified, influential, authoritative, self-directed, confident, authentic

Negatively ---> self-centered, vain, arrogant, attention-grabbing, a grand-stander


Pis -- Just the Facts

Pis ---> intuitive / creative / compassionate / caring / selfless / spiritual / tolerant / private / inspirational

Negatively ---> neurotic / depressed / obsessive / impractical / gullible / not in touch with reality / helpless / paranoid



The Sun is the central player in your constellation of Inner Selves. His energy is literally the captain of the ship, the chairman of the board, the star of the show. His presence, his interests, his well-being and development are central to your happiness and success.

He describes the state of your Essential Self -- the person you are and are becoming. He defines your sense of who you are -- and he makes many important decisions about the course your life will take.

His location in your horoscope by sign and house give vital information about your purpose, the things that make you feel important, what gives your life its meaning, and your most fundamental reason for being.

Your Sun energy is the central core of YOU. It wants respect. It wants adequate expression. It wants to show off its creative skills. It wants what you accomplish to be valued and important. In achieving that, you feel valued and important.

The other planets in your horoscope represent an assembly of other Inner Selves -- members of your Inner Family -- each a specialist in what he is able to do. Each has his own strengths, attributes, attitudes and agenda. Each has his own work to accomplish, but theoretically each is designed (ideally) to support and aid the Sun in his overall mission and growth.

But as with all families, sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn't. Political alliances form and dissolve ... and so do conflicts and quarrels. The palace intrigue is fascinating -- or at least it should be ... because it is the story of you!



SUN INTO PIS ---> essential self focused on background planning and preparation, healing and recuperation, spiritual interests and introspection, privacy, time alone, artistic inspirations, communion with dreams, visions, Spirit

FIRST CONTACT: The New Moon in Pisces ---> a time for spiritual renewal, inner realignment, healing & introspection ---> re-dedication to your mystical interests & inspiration ---> creative vision ---> strengthening of generosity, kindness, compassion, understanding, tolerance ---> to re-establish inner peace & reunite w/ Spirit --->

LEADS TO: exceptional idealism, strong spiritual / mystical focus, strong experiences w/ dreams & intuition, deeper understanding of guiding spiritual principles / nature of reality --->

LEADS TO: new information, inspired ideas, reading / writing on spiritual topics, communicating your spiritual values, making spiritual values a conscious part of your thinking & perspectives, alliance of mind & self --->

LEADS TO: new, more personally relevant ambitions & interests ---> adjustment of life-shift direction & goals ---> progress on building a different kind of public involvement ---> results in expanded options / more areas of interest to explore / different thinking on a wider scale / a wider view of your prospects & self-image --->

LEADS TO: The Full Moon in Virgo ---> need to balance reclusive habits / spiritual interests / extreme self-care w/ work / service / practical concerns, doing useful things for other people, getting your jobs done, bringing spiritual values into the real world --->

LEADS TO / ENDS WITH: feeling frustrated & blocked in your efforts by conventional wisdom / social standards / accepted legal & religious practices / lack of authority or teaching status ---> what you know & believe isn't properly organized or recognized as having value ---> feeling overwhelmed because there is so much to do" --->

SUN INTO ARI: essential self focused on initiating new projects, following personal impulses, stirring things up, breaking the inertia, pioneering efforts, making things happen, getting things done, attracting attention, getting noticed, making noise


Sun's schedule in Pisces 2017
  • Sun Pis -- Feb 18
  • Sun Pis con Moon Pis -- Feb 26 -- The New Moon in Pisces
  • Sun Pis con Nep Pis -- Mar 1
  • Sun Pis con Mer Pis -- Mar 6
  • Sun Pis opp Moon Vir -- Mar 12 -- The Full Moon in Virgo
  • Sun Pis squ Sat Sag -- Mar 17
  • Sun Ari -- Mar 20


Feb 18 -- Sun ---> Pis

Sun in Pis until Mar 20 ---> The Essential Self in the Sign of spiritual & mystical interests, healing & recovery, seclusion, closure & transcendence

Feb 26 -- Sun Pis con Moon Pis -- The New Moon in Pisces

Your Essential Self joins with your Inner, Emotional Self in the sign of inner guidance, selflessness, creative inspiration, spirituality, mysticism, privacy and dreams --->

Seclusion, reflection, communing w/ Spirit, tuning into intuition and Inner Voices, exploring deep feelings & inner-world territory ---> opens questions of Who am I and who have I become? What do I believe about Life and its most important things? What are my basic values and principles? How can I live more authentically from these? How can I express them creatively? What do I need to heal in myself ... how can I do this ... and how can I help others in the same situation? How can I incorporate all my experience into a new self? How can I put to rest what needs to be released / forgiven / overcome / forgotten / healed / accepted? Where do I go from here?

Mar 1 -- Sun Pis con Nep Pis

Your Essential Self unites with your Spiritual Self in the sign of healing, rest, recovery, spiritual alignment, compassion and universal love

Tuning in to intuition, heeding inner guidance, dealing w/ confusion & injury, employing self-help therapies & rituals, finding your creative center again, using seclusion, meditation & inner work to center yourself on all levels ---> listening ---> healing ---> recovering compassion for everyone / everything / you included ---> aligning w/ Spirit ---> accepting that you & your experiences are part of some higher plan / greater purpose ---> seeking / finding "meaning" in it all

Mar 6 -- Sun Pis con Mer Pis

Your Essential Self unites w/ your Intellectual Self Self in the sign of intuition, profound understanding, selflessness, compassion, acceptance, healing & transcendence

Conscious understanding of subconscious information & wisdom / greater access to intuition, subliminal messages, spiritual principles, deep emotions, Inner Selves and Inner Voices ---> conscious thoughts reflect deep feelings & spiritual beliefs, the different levels of mind unite w/ your understanding of who you are & what your purpose is, how you can make a difference

Mar 9 -- Sun Pis sxt Plu Cap

Your Essential Self informs & supports your Transformative Self in the sign of public status, life direction, community contributions & durable results

New goals & a new definition of who you are bring ideas & information that push for more progress on the life-shift / new life direction you're building ---> thinking differently, coupled w/ a new self-image, open further possibilities & options about how to accomplish this major change, what path it will take, what it will look like eventually ---> new pieces of the puzzle reveal themselves ---> these flow back to the original actor with even more ideas, more ambitions, richer information and more productive interests, new paths of inquiry & exploration ---> and the exchange begins again (energy flows in both directions)

Mar 12 -- Sun Pis opp Moon Vir -- The Full Moon in Vir

Your Essential Self opposes your Inner, Emotional Self in the sign of work, service, health maintenance and practical lifestyle choices --->

A feeling of conflict and confusion ---> contradictions between your desires to work and be of service and your equally strong needs to be alone, administer some self-care and enjoy some down-time and rest / also balancing your visionary "impractical dreams," against the work and practical efforts it will take to realize them.

Mar 17 -- Sun Pis squ Sat Sag

Your Essential Self clashes with your Disciplined, Authoritative Self in the sign of ethical standards, optimism, conventional wisdom, morality & advanced education

Realization of compassionate ideals, visions of charity and generosity, mystical and philosophical beliefs based on spiritual insights and deep emotions are blocked by conventional wisdom, prevailing social standards, traditional religious and legal concepts, existing cultural beliefs & practices. Since this is where you end up at the close of Pisces this year, you'll turn to different perspectives and tactics to make actual progress on these during Aries.

Mar 20 -- Sun ---> Ari

You & your life get an upsurge of physical energy and ambition ---> emphasis now on getting attention, starting new projects, making things happen, getting stuff done ---> setting an independent agenda and moving to implement it ---> interest in breaking new ground, pioneering spirit, blazing new trails, reshaping what exists to suit you & your designs ---> fueled by impatience & a strong determination to get your own way.


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