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Everyday Astrology
July 16, 2019
The Full Moon in Capricorn

This opposition between the Cancer Sun and the Capricorn Moon -- the Full Moon that graces the celestial landscape after the Summer Solstice, highlights the tug-of-war between the responsibilities you have to your private life, family members, and home situation -- and the emotional yearning for fame, acclaim, recognition, and accomplishment in your professional field and career.


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Everyday Astrology
July 15, 2019
Sun Opposing Pluto

Sun opposing Pluto brings on a power struggle, possibly a relationship crisis, one that threatens your self-image and self-esteem. You're up against a challenge that feels formidable, even overwhelming. Coercion and manipulation are among the weapons in play, so be aware of what's happening. The force available here is extremely destructive -- and ruthless.


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Everyday Astrology
July 14, 2019
Mars Square Uranus

Mars square Uranus is an impulsive, unpredictable energy mixing action, temper and physical movement with independence, spontaneity and rebellious attitudes. What results can be an "anything goes" situation. That covers a lot of ground. Think about it. Think carefully.


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Everyday Astrology
July 13, 2019
Sun Trine Neptune

This is a quiet, gentle little energy that weaves itself unobtrusively into the background of whatever else you have going on. Most Neptune aspects are like that, especially the positive ones. So, you may not even notice this unless you're told to look for it, especially with all the trouble the Capricorn oppositions are giving the Cancer transits this year.



Everyday Astrology
July 12, 2019
Sun Opposing Saturn

Sun Opposing Saturn is one of the year's real unpleasant aspects -- and yet, it comes around, like clockwork, every year affecting a different segment of life. This year, the conflict is between your responsibilities to your family, your home, your private life -- and maybe some extra time for yourself!! ... and your obligations to your career, your profession, your public life commitments, what you feel other people expect from and require of you to somehow "make the grade" in their opinion.


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Everyday Astrology
July 11, 2019
Mercury conjunct Mars

Mercury conjunct Mars raises the level of mental energy and energizes your mind. It's ideal for work that takes focused thought and clear communication. Your opinions are firm -- even belligerent. You have knowledge to share -- and you're not shy about "putting it out there" with a let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may defiance.


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