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Everyday Astrology gives a comment and interpretation on some current Astrological event -- or a micro-lesson on some element in Astrology that can help you understand how it all fits together as you learn more about this fabulous metaphysical discipline -- and how it may have surprising value for you!


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Everyday Astrology
March 7, 2021
Venus Sextile Uranus

Venus / Uranus sextiles don't usually cause much stir. They're not as subtle as Venus / Neptune contacts, but they can still slip silently past. You're unusually restless, & the discontent brings up the concept of joy, specifically how much pleasure you have in life. How happy are you? What needs to change, to be different?

It's easy to say, "I just want more< of something." Ok, what? Once again, the answers are often general. More money, more leisure, more love, more things to enjoy, more independence & freedom, more reasons to believe I can direct my own destiny, & above all ... more pleasure in my day-to-day life. For some of us, it's been an awfully long time since the travel in darkness began.


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Everyday Astrology
March 6, 2021
Masculine / Feminine Energy in Astrology
The concept of balance, support & containment

Philosophers sometimes see & define the world & life as a series of contrasts / sets of opposing forces / action & reaction / provocation & consequence / pairs of opposites. Each exists because of the other. Each exists to both support & balance the other. Each acts & exists to check & contain the other. Each is necessary to create life in the familiar way we work with & experience it.

Astrologers wrap this notion in the context of masculine & feminine energy. The concept works, but it's not ideal. It has nothing to do with men & women / males & females or biological sex. It's much more aligned with the Oriental concept of yin / yang. Active & passive.


Everyday Astrology
March 5, 2021
Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini brings a natural tension. Here you have physical energy -- the Life Force, able to move, do things, create change, accomplish work & make stuff happen, etc. -- in the realm of ideas, data gathering, communication & thought. This environment is extremely adaptable, supple, changeable & full of different pathways, interests & options to investigate & map.

Gemini lives in a world where "multiples" are a feature -- different ways to look at things, to express yourself, to solve problems,or frame an answer. Gemini collects information & options the way people collect stamps & rocks. It never met any idea it didn't want to explore, any gizmo it didn't want to own, any experience it didn't want to at least sample & assess.


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Everyday Astrology
March 4, 2021
Mars Trine Pluto

Mars trine Pluto creates a powerhouse of physical energy & implacable resolve. There's impressive potential here, so don't waste it. This trine is about as easy a relationship as these two can manage together, given their notorious & not always attractive personalities. The harsh aspects are disruptive, disturbing ... even violent. This one is better ... thank heaven.

It takes the drive to move around, do work, get things started & make them happen -- Mars' contribution, and partners it with Pluto's interests in improvement, tearing things apart & rebuilding them, creating better arrangements -- even bloomin' miracles -- because it's time to stop tolerating what is no longer working, no longer appropriate, & no longer useful. Those raw materials can be salvaged & invested differently now.


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Everyday Astrology
March 3, 2021
Sun Sextile Uranus

The Sun sextile Uranus is a soft, pleasant, fun little energy & Lord knows we can always use more of that to counteract the dismal, boring, worrisome monotony of everyday life. With Sun sextile Uranus around, "Ask, as you shall receive" becomes a nice little piece of reality you can use in a whole lot of ways to simply make things better -- primarily by understanding things better.

With Uranus as a partner, of course, there's a strong intellectual component here. So, right away, we're in the territory of the mind. In this case, the Higher Mind -- the area of concepts, theories, inspirations & insights. Uranus is the energy of your Inner Genius -- & Inner Rebel -- & Independent Thinker. They're all different components of the same Inner Self ... once you get to know them.


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