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Everyday Astrology gives a comment and interpretation on some current Astrological event -- or a micro-lesson on some element in Astrology that can help you understand how it all fits together as you learn more about this fabulous metaphysical discipline -- and how it may have surprising value for you!


trail to the mountain

Everyday Astrology
November 25, 2020
Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius may like to wander, but he doesn't like to drift. Wandering can take you to interesting places, out-of-the-way discoveries, off-the-beaten-path adventures. Sagittarius likes that!! But drifting is boring. You just loop around on yourself & wind up back where you started with nothing to show for the work. For Sagittarius, spending energy -- spending himself -- like that is pretty pointless.

Even if he starts out "just to see what he sees," once he's gone over a hill or two, aimless roaming eventually gives way to something more purposeful. Sagittarius wants an objective to search for. (A holy grail will do nicely.) He wants ambition to gain. (Discovering a new route or a shortcut to an interesting destination fills this requirement.) He wants to grow or expand somehow. (Oh, let me count the ways!!)


indian ruins

Everyday Astrology
November 24, 2020
Sun in Sagittarius

Through the years, I've learned to approach Scorpio energy / Pluto's behavior with a mixture of trepidation, apprehension, resignation & dread. These feelings are as complex & mysterious, as inevitable & sad as Scorpio itself. How appropriate. Scorpio is the dying time & it's hard to make peace with that, even intellectually. Emotionally, never.

But the other side of death & dissolution, is resurrection, renewal, rebirth. That's the eternal philosophical promise from mystics, to religious dogma, to the evidence of our own eyes as we watch life recycle itself from one season to the next, Winter becoming Spring eternally again. In the midst of closure & destruction it's hard to be hopeful. So the mood change in Sagittarius is at the very least surprising


mountain country road

Everyday Astrology
November 22, 2020
Sagittarius Energy

There are several ways to divide the Zodiac into signs with certain things in common. There are masculine signs & feminine signs. There are Fire, Earth, Air & Water signs. Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable ones. But a quick, easy way to split the circle is into personal signs & social signs. Aries through Virgo belongs in the first group; Libra through Pisces the second.

Personal signs deal with individual issues, learning, expression & development -- things you accomplish & learn mostly on your own. The Social signs take other people's efforts & presence into account. Their strengths & interests are built on the contributions of groups, alliances, partnerships, cultures, governments, even humanity at large & Universal consciousness. The farther you go, the more inclusive it gets.

So, Sagittarius is considered a social sign, the higher, more complex expression of Gemini. Both are highly intellectual, concerned with learning & movement. But they tend to draw on different sources, use different methods to organize their material & then apply it differently. They are clearly related to one another, but each is also clearly relevant on its own.



Everyday Astrology
November 21, 2020
Sun Sextile Saturn

When the Sun sextiles Saturn, you're ready to get serious, get organized & get down to business. Time may be a factor. There are projects you want to finish. You may be working against some sort of deadline or have a time sensitive personal goal in mind you want to reach. Here at the end of the year, there's a sense of "time running out" that motivates you to get going & get stuff done.

Given how unsatisfying & disrupted this year was, you may want to make an extra effort before the New Year so you have something to show for the time, whether it turned out the way you wanted or not. Still, it's a time for patience, persistence & determination. The familiar challenges still exist. Over time, they may have changed, but that doesn't mean life has .improved.


yellow wildflowers in the mist

Everyday Astrology
November 20, 2020
Mercury Opposing Uranus

Mercury opposing Uranus brings Astrology's two most cerebral energies into conflict or confrontation. As I explain it, two of your Inner Selves are having a disagreement, discussing a "situation," trying to solve a problem or dealing with new information, * most of it is upsetting, confusing & strange. Trying to sort through it is a challenge & they may even disagree on the "basic facts" of the matter.

In any case, you have a lot on your mind & trying to settle down long enough to rationally analyze anything is a tall order. Your thoughts jump from topic to topic, one explanation to another. None of it seems very logical but all the while "new facts" keep pouring in. It keeps you & everyone around you upset & stressed out. No one seems to be on the same page with anyone else.


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