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Late May 2019

by Rebecca Brents


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abstract reflections

Everyday Astrology
May 31,2019
Venus Sextile Neptune

Venus sextile to Neptune taps into the spiritual dimensions of love and human connection. It arouses both your sensual awareness and your caring compassion. You may want greater connection with your intimate partner ... a stronger sense of bonding with those you love. Finding imaginative, creative, inspirational ways to show that you care is one way to this.

This energy makes it easy. It increases physical interest in your beloved ... and adds to your own allure. You are both ready to enjoy some together time, so don't waste the moment. Also, don't discount the feeling of "something in the air" -- because it's there. You'll also feel a stronger spiritual connection to your partner -- and see how you each enrich the other's life.


ocean tide

Everyday Astrology
May 30,2019
Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury squares Neptune today which suggests problems between logical thinking and imagination. It is an extremely creative energy -- which is great in one way, but if you apply the results directly to "real life" there can be problems. In fact, one problem may be that you're lost in fantasies and daydreams in order to escape reality -- so you can see why there would ... issues.

As always, the energy cuts both ways -- and getting a grip on which one you're working with now becomes yet another problem. You could be lost in wishful thinking, where life is a lot rosier than it is ... really. You could be rationalizing, making excuses, living as if things are the way you want them to be ... or ignoring things that upset you ... but that doesn't change the truth of what's really happening ... nor does it help you deal with "real life" and "truth" and "the real world."



Everyday Astrology
May 29,2019
Mars Sextile Uranus

A Mars / Uranus sextile is ready to jostle the daily routine and bless you with some extra excitement. Mars is action; Uranus is liberation. Decoding this one is a cinch: doing things to gain more flexibility and freedom. In at least one part of life you want a lot more independence! This aspect stirs up the desire -- the ambition -- and offers you ways to get that!

Uranus recently moved out of feisty Aries into gentle and tolerant Taurus, which is not really a suitable place for Uranus to set off his wacky-and-wonderful magic. Mars sextile Uranus usually forecasts quick and easy changes; no hassle, no sweat. Taurus is good with the "easy" part ... but that's about all. He doesn't like changes, he doesn't like surprises -- and Uranus is just full of 'em.


stepping stones across the river

Everyday Astrology
May 28, 2019
Mars Sextile Uranus

There's a Mars / Uranus sextile in the sky at the moment. Its influence will hang around for a couple of weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to notice, play with and respond to this fun, unique energy.

It brings a restless antsy mood, but it also raises your desire for fun and excitement -- for something new and different to decorate your life. These are just different flavors of the wish to shake up the status quo and drill some new paths to explore -- so call them what they are.


full moon

Everyday Astrology
May 27, 2019
The Moon in Pisces
It's complicated

The Moon in Pisces puts one of Astrology's most complicated planets in what is absolutely the Zodiac's most complicated sign -- so what you meet today in the way of feelings and reactions may be puzzling ... or upsetting ... or informative ... or inspiring, depending on how you deal with it all.

(And since you have to handle it for 2 1/2 days every month, it might be helpful to know what you're up against, what you're working with, and just what all is going on.)

The Moon in Pisces draws on a great breadth of interests and possibilities. It often deals with difficult issues (like it or not, intentionally or otherwise!) It doesn't get bogged down in shallow stuff ... because it's not built for that.


yellow wildflowers
Yellow is a Gemini color!

Everyday Astrology
May 26, 2019
The Sun in Gemini

In Gemini, the Sun is traveling through one of the Zodiac's most intellectual signs. Gemini energy encourages an active, curious mind. It prides itself on being logical, analytical and smart.

It's always on the prowl for more knowledge, more information, more experience to feed its intellectual hunger. Its restlessness is hard to hide -- and maybe hard to control -- but its presence can be enough to make even the calmer signs nervous.


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sandy red rock cliffs

Everyday Astrology
May 25, 2019
Saturn in Capricorn

Each planet in your horoscope represents one of your Inner Selves, a member of the Inner Family that comprises your complete personality. Each is essential. Saturn is one of these obviously, but quite a few people seem to have trouble with him.

Saturn is the symbol of your Structured, Disciplined, Responsible Public Self. He is the Inner Self that insists on order and organization ... and helps you apply them. He represents your ability to concentrate on projects and ventures that take long-term planning and determined effort.


Everyday Astrology
May 24, 2019
Mercury passes the Sun

Mercury after a time in retrograde recently has caught up to the Sun again -- and passed it. Now, Mercury is out in front, taking the lead -- and this brings a subtle but definite change in how your mind operates and how you work with knowledge and language. When Mercury retrogrades behind the Sun, where he follows the Sun for a while, you are in a pensive, contemplative, watchful "research" mode.

Mercury behind the Sun is less talkative and more observant. But when he moves ahead of the Sun, as I said, this changes. Mercury ahead of the Sun is more talkative ... more eager to engage in conversation and debate. You'll be interested in sharing what you've learned -- and the opinions you've formed. You want to know where others are coming from -- and how their ideas compare to yours.


summer waterfall

Everyday Astrology
May 23, 2019
Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini

The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the sky today. This energy joins your Essential Self with your Intellectual Self in ways that make what you think, how you see the world, the perspectives you take on life inseparable from your sense of "who you are" ... at the moment. This alignment, obviously, puts considerable emphasis on the sign where it occurs. Right now, that sign is Gemini -- the sign of communication and mobility.



Everyday Astrology
May 22, 2019
Mercury in Gemini

Mercury followed The Sun into Gemini yesterday -- opening the Season of Gemini with a bang and closing the Season of Taurus in the echo. So, Mercury is back home for a couple of weeks ... because he rules Gemini (as well as Virgo.) One thing at a time is never enough for this guy.



Everyday Astrology
May 21, 2019
The Sun in Gemini

The Sun moved into Gemini today, ending the Season of Taurus. Mercury followed about three hours later. Those two celestial citizens are conjunct right now. This means your Sun energy (Your Essential Self) and your Mercury energy (Your Intellectual Self) have formed a temporary but powerful alliance. This energizes your mind ... which will reward you with lots of great ideas. (Be sure to grab some as they flit past.)


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