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Early February 2020
Part 2

by Rebecca Brents


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Everyday Astrology
February 5, 2020
Mercury Sextile Uranus

Mercury aspects deal with thoughts and ideas, news and information, things you learn that either teach you something ... or change your mind. Either way ... it involves your beliefs, your intellect, your understanding of "what's going on in the world," your personal perspective.

Astrologers call Uranus the "higher octave" of Mercury -- something like Mercury on steroids (or maybe amphetamines!) Mercury is clever; Uranus is ingenious. Mercury energy is restless and doesn't like to stay in one place. Uranus moves faster than lightning.
---> Transiting Mercury Sextile Uranus
---> Basic Stuff About Mercury
---> * What Does Uranus Represent in Your Natal Chart?


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Everyday Astrology
February 4, 2020
Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces uses different, non-verbal, non-logical, non-linear means to process information and acquire knowledge. It is the most psychic Mercury in the whole array -- and it communicates in ways that are hard to understand, hard to describe ... even hard to believe in from time to time.

But it understands why other minds find it baffling, so it will make an extra effort to explain itself "logically" ... even if it has to use symbolism and "feelings" to do so.
---> From EDA: Mercury in Pisces
---> * What Does Mercury Represent -- in Your Natal Chart?
---> * When Mercury is in Pisces


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Everyday Astrology
February 3, 2020
Venus Sextile Saturn

When Venus is sextile to Saturn, it's an invitation to step back, assess your relationships, your financial arrangements, your overall duties and obligations ... and the daily routines that sustain all this. You're in a mood to streamline life, to make it more efficient and serviceable ... and you're also ready to commandeer your relationship partners to help with this. "Making life easier" ... for both of you ... is the theme.
---> Transiting Venus Sextile Saturn
---> * What Does Venus Represent in Your Natal Chart?
---> * What Does Saturn Represent in Your Natal Chart?


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Everyday Astrology
February 2, 2020
Venus Sextile Pluto

With Venus sextile to Pluto, relationships become more intense. You judge your partners and allies more on what you can do for each other instead of leaning on history, habit or physical attraction.

You're interested in companionship, but your needs have changed, your life has changed since the last time you took such a hard look at your associations & associates. Your feelings may also have changed TBH. You want something different, something more from your people.
---> Transiting Venus Sextile Pluto
---> * Venus in General
---> * Pluto: Lord of Transition


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Everyday Astrology
February 1, 2020

Pluto is not easy for me to write about. I guess that's why I've put it off so long. On paper, he sounds powerful and intriguing. As the ruler of certain secrets and mysteries, he certainly carries a mystique of his own. But even the positive traits of Pluto carry an aura of darkness. The fact that he and his work are inescapable ... inevitable ... is disquieting. A meeting with him is never exactly welcome.

Pluto represents the awesome process of transformation, metamorphosis ... fundamental change from one state of being to another. And he comes with an ironclad guarantee that what results when he's finished will be improved ... changed into something virtually unrecognizable, even miraculous. Now you see why he sounds so great on paper.
---> From EDA: Pluto
---> * Pluto: Ruler of Scorpio


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