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* Everyday Astrology Archives 28
Late February 2020
Part 2

by Rebecca Brents


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Everyday Astrology
February 25, 2020
Sun Conjunct Mercury

The only major aspect transiting Mercury and the Sun can form with each other is the conjunction. Mercury is never more than 28° away from the Sun, so he's always hanging out somewhere in the vicinity -- either racing forward (direct) or backing up (retrograde.) He's also either in front of the Sun, or behind the Sun ... leading or trailing in the words of Astrology.

Something else predictable, Mercury's either in the same sign as the Sun or in the next sign or the one before. He can't be anywhere else ... as surely as if he were on a leash, they are bound that close together. Given that the Sun represents your Essential Self and Mercury represents your Intellectual Self in Astrology, this says some interesting things about the way you and your mind operate as a pair.
---> Transiting Sun Conjunct Mercury
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Everyday Astrology
February 24, 2020
Venus Square Jupiter

Venus square to Jupiter puts Astrology's two most hedonistic, pleasure-loving planets in a position where they'll bring out the worst in each other. The temptation to pamper yourself, indulge in whatever pleasures appeal and just enjoy life for the moment is too tempting to ignore.

It can be hell on your work schedule if you're under serious pressure, but marvelous and refreshing if you can afford the time ... and have the $$$. Even if work does have you slammed to the max, you may decide to take a break ... just because you want to. There are worse reasons, and it may give you the lift you need ... so you can buckle down and be productive when you're back in harness.
---> Transiting Venus Square Jupiter
---> Basic Stuff About Venus
---> Basic Stuff About Jupiter

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new moon

Everyday Astrology
February 23, 2020
New Moon in Pisces

New Moon energy is intense for good reasons. New Moons form when the Sun and the Moon align in the same sign, degree and minute of the Zodiac. This puts your horoscope's two most powerful citizens together in agreement of what's important now. The theme changes every month, but in the course of a year we revisit each chapter in the story of Life, the circle of creation -- which is what the Zodiac is.

The New Moon in Pisces is in the last of the signs, the last New Moon of the Astrological calendar. We start a new year with the arrival of Aries, around the 20th of March. The Spring Equinox. So as you might expect after completing another segment of the journey, another trip around the spiral ... it's appropriate to rest, heal, recover from the traumas and exhaustion we've endured.

It's also a time to reflect on the blessings and celebrations we received ... and the lessons it all brought to us. So, Pisces is appropriately a time of quiet contemplation. Messages of forgiveness, sadness, selflessness, sacrifice and acceptance weave themselves into the pattern of experience, whether this was part of the original moment or not.

In Pisces we reach for meaning ... through acceptance, tolerance, understanding and ultimately, transcendence. There is a deep spirituality in Pisces, and for the mystical traveler or the metaphysical student, this may be the year's most important time. Often what we carry away from our Pisces retreat and musing is profoundly, personally significant ... but doesn't translate into words and may be impossible to share.

In Pisces we try to restore ourselves, to make ourselves whole, to merge again with Divine Love. Some injuries and traumas may take much more than one season to resolve, but Pisces makes it sacred.
---> From EDA: New Moon in Pisces
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Everyday Astrology
February 22, 2020
Sun Sextile Uranus

The Sun sextile Uranus brings new experiences, pleasant surprises, interesting bits of news ... or a welcome change of pace if life has gotten too routine and predictable. New friendships are possible -- so keep your eyes and mind open. With Uranus involved, new connections may sneak up on your blind side ... or introduce themselves in unusual ways. Uranus loves that.

You're ready to kick over the traces and take a few risks -- so this energy matches the tone of the time. You're more receptive, more creative and if you have a "colorful" or kinky side, it might make in an appearance. Surprises, remember? Just pick your situation carefully. "The unexpected" has many disguises.
---> Transiting Sun Sextile Uranus
---> Quick Notes on the Sun in Astrology
---> * What Does Uranus Represent in Your Natal Chart?

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Bodega Bay

Everyday Astrology
February 21, 2020
Mars Trine Uranus

Mars / Uranus aspects are electric ... even the supposedly "good ones" can be nerve-wracking or exhausting or both. There's a jittery feel to this energy. You may be restless, edgy & on high alert, but not entirely sure why. It's like you're waiting for something -- and you're not sure it's going to be good news. You desperately want some substantial changes & are willing to do almost anything for them.

This energy generally works in your favor. Sudden decisions work out well, even when there's no real reason they should. Just the energy & enthusiasm behind the impulse can help steer them in a helpful direction. If you like to take chances, these weeks could be nice and exciting. If you're usually cautious, notice how good it feels to walk on the wild side. (Ok, scary, too, maybe ... but good, nevertheless.)
---> Transiting Mars Trine Uranus
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