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* Everyday Astrology Archives 29
Early March 2020

by Rebecca Brents


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Everyday Astrology -- Current Archive
Everyday Astrology Archive 28 -- Late February 2020

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Everyday Astrology
March 10, 2020
Sun Conjunct Neptune

The Sun conjunct Neptune is one of the most spiritual of all energies -- especially now when the conjunction forms in Pisces, the sign Neptune rules. This union brings forward all those wonderful virtues of Pisces -- kindness, compassion, sensitivity, empathy, understanding, tolerance and unconditional love. For those not used to this level of idealism and emotion, this energy can be confusing.

It heightens your sensitivity on all levels. Yes, that means you could get your feelings hurt more easily, so be aware of this. But there's more to "sensitivity" than that. You'll "feel things" about people, situations, places, pieces of news, possible outcomes. Your intuition will bring all kinds of information for you to sift through and consider.
---> Transiting Sun Conjunct Neptune
---> Meeting the Mysteries of Neptune
---> * Born with The Sun in Pisces


white crocus

Everyday Astrology
March 9, 2020
Venus Conjunct Uranus

Venus conjunct Uranus brings an electric charge of novelty and excitement to the life areas touched by relationships and $$$ -- two topics of serious concern to most people. There's a restless feeling that goes with this energy -- as if your intuition tells you something's coming / something's about to happen.

The truth is, you need a change -- something different, something that shakes up your ordinary routines and shows you new options. It can lead to surprises or sudden developments. These can be on the outside -- or something that happens in you. Uranus doesn't confine his operations to predictable channels. He can work his way into your life from almost any direction. That's part of the surprise.
---> Transiting Venus Conjunct Uranus
---> * In the Company of the Goddess
---> * Uranus in General


air, water and land

Everyday Astrology
March 8, 2020
Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius is a beautiful mind ... and more. It's not just gorgeous, it's a virtual miracle. We need a lot more of this energy today, because, frankly, we have some problems that would challenge even its genius. Genius. That says it. We almost need another word to describe the power and wonder of what Mercury in Aquarius has to work with and what he can achieve.

This combination is brilliant -- and pure. As the ruler of Gemini, Mercury is an air planet. In Aquarius he's got a home in the most rarefied of the Air Signs. Talk about being handed the keys to the kingdom.
---> From EDA: Mercury in Aquarius
---> * What Does Mercury Represent in Your Natal Chart?
---> * Mercury in General


desert canyon

Everyday Astrology
March 7, 2020

To me, the planet Saturn is really pretty ... all soft yellow and gray, with his distinctive ornament of rings. That makes Saturn and Jupiter the rock stars of the Solar System ... at least in appearance. But Jupiter and Saturn are very different in terms of what they mean in Astrology and what they bring to life.

Jupiter is huge, colorful and even generates its own heat, making it technically a small star -- a brown dwarf in the world of astronomy, In Astrology Jupiter is associated with generosity, abundance, prosperity and all sorts of expansive efforts. Jupiter's presence makes life easy ... and ventures profitable. With Saturn ... not so much.
---> From EDA: Saturn


pink flowers

Everyday Astrology
March 6, 2020
Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus is on her home turf. Taurus is one of two signs Venus rules. Libra -- the sign of partnerships -- is the other. Both signs deal with social connections, pleasure and comfort, things outside of you which affect your happiness. Venus is possessive, (This is mine!!, even in Libra, but certainly in Taurus.

This gives Venus its reputation as the planet of "love and money." It's behind Venus in Taurus' well-deserved reputation for hedonism. Venus in Taurus engages life through the physical senses. If you can see, smell, feel, hear or taste something ... Venus in Taurus will assess it, hopefully appreciate it ... and if not, either make adjustments ... or search elsewhere.
---> From EDA: Venus in Taurus
---> Basic Stuff About Venus
---> * Venus in Taurus


incoming wave

Everyday Astrology
March 5, 2020
Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is a combination of mind and imagination like no other in the Zodiac. Theoretically, this is not a good thing. Mercury energy is supposed to be rational and objective, logical and discerning. Pisces is none of those things.

Pisces is ambiguous and mystical. Fantasy, not fact, plays a major part in its operations. It lives in a land of dreams and ideals, and finds "reality" cold and largely unpleasant.

Mercury in Pisces relies a lot on intuition, something Mercury itself -- especially in Earth Signs -- isn't even sure is a thing. Mostly, Earth Sign Mercuries call intuition "wishful thinking." And rather scornfully at that.

Air Sign Mercuries are likely to call intuition "theorizing" or "concept investigation." And Fire Sign Mercuries figure these are visions they dreamed up all by themselves, and they want to take credit for that.
---> From EDA: Mercury in Pisces
---> * Mercury ... and the Miracle of the Mind
---> Mercury


frosty twigs

Everyday Astrology
March 4, 2020
Mercury Sextile Venus

The sextile and the conjunction are the only aspects these two can form with each other because they basically hang out close to the Sun constantly. Venus and Mercury represent two light-hearted, pleasant and personal energies whose presence anywhere is usually quite a joy, so it's a shame they don't get together more often.

Their combined effects aren't terribly noticeable, but they are pleasant, which is a plus. Their mingled energy is interesting, pretty much regardless of the signs involved. The sextile is an aspect of information and discovery. It brings news. It generates ideas and knowledge.
---> Transiting Mercury Sextile Venus
---> * What Does Mercury Represent -- in Your Natal Chart?
---> * What Does Venus Represent in Your Natal Chart?

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Is this what life feels like, or what???

Everyday Astrology
March 3, 2020
Venus Square Saturn

Hard aspects from Saturn to any planet are never pleasant. Hard aspects between Venus and Saturn are no fun at all. but that's happening now ... and we all have to live with it. Venus is essentially your connection to enjoyment and pleasure -- things you love to do, people you love -- and who love you back, the freedom to spend money to beautify, entertain, nourish or just enjoy yourself.

When Saturn comes around and strikes a hard pose -- like the current square -- there's just not enough of that to satisfy you, your partners and friends ... or anyone else. People feel anxious about money, no matter how much they're sitting on. What they can actually lay their hands on doesn't feel like it would stretch enough to achieve their desires. Granted, their dreams and "vision" may need adjustment -- but that doesn't solve the frustration.
---> Transiting Venus Square Saturn
---> * Your Venus Energy
---> Saturn Territory

Venus in Astrology -- Articles Index



Everyday Astrology
March 2, 2020
The Moon in Astrology

The Moon in your horoscope is considered the second-most important element in your Natal Chart ... & therefore in your character. But there are plenty of reasons (& arguments) to take exception to this except as a general statement of its status in the astrological array.

The Moon symbolizes your Inner Self, your Emotional Self ... the part of you that feels & responds to things that ignite an emotional reaction. You are very aware of its presence, & information related to it may be more revealing -- more pertinent to you personally -- than the huge repertoire of data your Sun energy contains.
---> From EDA: The Moon
---> * The Sun and Moon in Your Natal Chart
---> * The Luminaries in Astrology

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desert sunrise

Everyday Astrology
March 1, 2020
Explaining Astrology

Astrologers use the various celestial bodies as they travel through the sky-map of the Zodiac as a way to chart the different cycles of creative action. Then they translate it all into the circular pattern of the horoscope with its twelve house divisions & mysterious squiggles & symbols, & from there ... the interpretation begins.

So, based on the premise, "You gotta start somewhere," Astrologers start to describe the character of the person or event the chart reveals by locating the Sun. That's the starting point. There are good & valid reasons for this. I don't mean to make light of it. Sun information is fascinating ... & profoundly enlightening (no pun intended.) But a horoscope contains so much more!!

But let's assume there's wisdom in this method ... because, again ... you gotta start somewhere. The Sun in a horoscope will be contained in a Zodiac sign -- there are twelve of them. Signs, that is. The Sun will occupy only one -- the one where it was traveling when the event (or birth) the chart examines ... happened.

The horoscope is exactly that ... a map of the sky frozen in time at the one particular instant you want to investigate. That's why an exact time & place are important as well as the date ... to get a complete & exact picture of what was "born" then & there. The Sun, Moon & each planet will occupy one Zodiac sign & one exact spot in the sky.

And the sky overhead will be different, the arrangement of celestial bodies will be different at the exact same moment in New York or L.A., Honolulu, Singapore, Zurich or London. That's why the exact time & place matter ... are critical even.
---> From EDA: Explaining Astrology
---> Why Take Astrology Seriously?
---> Working with What Works ...


These are excerpts from our Everyday Astrology feature.
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Everyday Astrology -- Current Archive
Everyday Astrology Archive 28 -- Late February 2020


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